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  • Ian R Stephenson
    WHAT IS A SPONSOR? An A.A. sponsor is not a professional caseworker or counselor of any sort. A sponsor is not someone to borrow money from, nor get clothes,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2012

      An A.A. sponsor is not a professional caseworker or counselor of any sort.
      A sponsor is not someone to borrow money from, nor get clothes, jobs, or
      food from. A sponsor is not a medical expert, nor qualified to give
      religious, legal, domestic or psychiatric advice, although a good sponsor
      is usually willing to discuss such matters confidentially, and often can
      suggest where the appropriate professional assistance can be obtained.

      A sponsor is simply a sober alcoholic who can help solve only 1 problem:
      how to stay sober. And the sponsor has only 1 tool to use--personal
      experience, not scientific wisdom.

      Sponsors have been there, and often have more concern, hope, compassion,
      and confidence for us than we have for ourselves. They certainly have had
      more experience. Remembering their own condition, they reach out to help,
      not down.

      Living Sober, page 27



      Sponsorship has been here from the beginning of the Program. First the
      definition of sponsorship from the conference-approved pamphlet from G.S.O.
      A sponsor is someone who helps you work the Steps as they are set forth in
      the Big Book and 12 and 12. If someone tries to run your life they are not
      sponsor material! Get away from them as fast as you can. That person is no
      a personal power trip and is carrying their ego instead of the message.

      Sponsorship is to teach you how to work the Steps so you don�t need a
      sponsor any more. You are going to have to live life sometime and someone
      isn�t going to be there to hold your hand. My sponsor "fired" me after 3
      years although we remained good friends. I had learned how to do it and
      could do it on my own (10 Step and spiritual direction excluded). Eddie had
      other people to help, and I was ready to do the Steps on my own.

      Sponsorship isn�t something you can get "from just your friends."
      There is a law of economics called Gresham�s Law. It says that bad money
      drives out the good. Not even all the people who have 20 years of sobriety
      have good sobriety. They manage to stay sober but they white knuckle it.
      There was a group of these men in Houston where I sobered up called the
      "Investors Group", a bunch of old, rich farts, with a lot of sobriety time
      but very little quality to their sobriety. They were not happy.

      The only way to learn the Program is to learn from those who have done
      it from the book with the aid of a teacher who has done it from the Book
      with their sponsor. If you do it any other way "the bad sobriety drives out
      the good." And this is why the ability of newcomers to stay sober has been
      dropping for the last several years. There are too many people who think
      they know better than the Book or the people who started this Program.
      After all the Big Book does say in he original intro that this Book is
      meant to pass on "exactly how we recovered."
      Get Real, Get Now

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