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Re: [ACWDYG ] Re: finding your true voice

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  • Michael traster
    You get into a conversation with someone, or write someone a letter/email, and later on you feel frustrated. THAT WASN T WHAT I HAD IN MIND TO SAY TO THEM
    Message 1 of 32 , Aug 1, 2008
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      You get into a conversation with someone, or write someone a letter/email, and later on you feel frustrated. "THAT WASN'T WHAT I HAD IN MIND TO SAY TO THEM''
      What happened?
      feeling pressured/manipulated to get someones approval?
      What is your true voice? You have one you know. Being alive is evidence of having a "voice"a perspective, something worthy of being said...and shared.
      But what is it?
      some hints:
      It is YOUR voice.
      that means it's not Hillarys agenda or list of "truths"
      it's not Georges list of "truths"
      it's not your pastors, your grammas, your spouses, your teachers, the neighbors, the rabbais, the mullahs, the gurus, the ptas, the doctors, the rich guys, etc.....
      what is written onto your soul to learn, to know and to find a way to share?
      what have you been attracted to for a long time... ?
      such attractions often are the writing in our being that calls to us to become manifest in our lives. They are so often our gifts speaking to us.. the creator resonating within us for us to water the seed and have God grow within us through the uniqueness of the gift he's given us.
      where have you constantly and utterly failed?
      these attractions are the addictions and illusions that we gravitate back to that tear our lives down.. they are the false promises.
      Are you stuck/trapped trying to be right?
      seeking approval from outside of yourself will always leave you angry and frustrated and with your energies spent and your gifts utterly wasted
      Do you speak too quickly?
      Most of us take time to form our thoughts in the most productive manner. It's natural to think through ones words otherwise they get diverted and watered down by distraction and emotions.
      Do you know when to stop speaking?
      It is common for a sales person, teacher, counselor, pastor, .... to get their point across and to keep going and going and undo the "sale" . They literally drown the person in more persuasion and being unable to STOP they lose the persons interest . They close us out having become totally exhausted.
      Are you trying to win or seeking the truth?
      How often do we begin with a good idea and then descend into a competitive argument where the goal switches from SHARE SOMETHING to WIN THE FIGHT/ARGUMENT?
      Do you base your inner peace on being heard?
      Doing this gives away your center, your energy , to the other person and you can no longer steer your thoughts or emotions very effectively.. they hold the reins to your emotions and mind BECAUSE you gave them the reins.
      Do you ask permission to share an observation, insight or experience?
      It is a matter of respect and it makes a difference to ask.
      Do you use yourself as an example of similar learning rather than act as though you are above the same circumstances?
      If you can convey that you know what a person is experiencing/feeling, have experienced/felt something truly similar, and discovered a path out of a dilema... that may be far more acceptable than your acting like you simply "know better"
      Do you take/find/make a few moments of stillness so that you can hear the voice, read the writing within you ?
      It is only when we are quiet in a "conversation" that we can hear the other....so quietness allows us to "hear/see" the intention that God has written upon/within our very being.
      these things may help you find your voice ...for a moment or for years to come.
      I believe that each person in this group has a gift written upon their being that is for themselves AND for others. The discipline of finding it and then finding a way to communicate it.... is not easy.... but the discipline of not finding it and not communicating it is far more difficult...
       be yourself...you can't ever be anyone else.

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    • michaelpault
      What a term! Enlightenment... to be infused with, transformed, and uplifted by light. To experience ones timeless effortless selfless interconnectedness with
      Message 32 of 32 , Aug 12, 2008
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        What a term!

        Enlightenment... to be infused with, transformed, and uplifted by
        light. To experience ones timeless effortless selfless
        interconnectedness with creation and creator.

        What is it? Do any of us truly fully know it? Do we have glimpses of

        Moments of utter peace when we fall into being connected to what is
        around us. We cease battling, notice things and allow them to be as
        they are, and "let the river flow by" seeing what is on it but not
        attaching ourselves to events, attitudes, and behaviors.

        How do we separate acting enlightened from the state?

        Notice that wanting to be known within or without as being
        enlightened is motivated by fear. The fear of not having it.. and
        the shame of not having it moves one to want to be KNOWN as having

        Who gets it?

        Is it permanent?
        Sometimes...rarely, but mostly it comes and goes. Perhaps if a
        person sees their pride/fears and stops feeding them one way or the
        other it becomes closer... and closer

        Can a Christian experience enlightenment?
        God made time and all of us and stuff, so why not? It is not a
        matter of words, but a matter of how we are made? Can God be
        enlightened? Is God enlightened? Are we made in his image?

        Can it be gained and lost?
        Any awareness can be held/experienced for a moment or longer...or
        not at all .

        When does enlightenment happen?
        I don't know.

        How is it lost?
        By thinking that you must hold on to it.. for one.
        By arguing with it.
        By trying to define it during the moment.
        By noticing ones state pridefully.

        Are some places more fertile soil for it?
        Perhaps in the beginning.. quiet allows one less distraction so
        there is less of me/other thinking and we can become truly quiet...
        where the river does flow by without our interference or wanting to

        Why does it matter?

        It is a natural state where we are interconnected with what is
        around and within us rather than struggling to PROVE ourselves.

        Can one be a theist and be open to enlightenment?

        Is it a natural state?
        Very natural.. perhaps not very familiar.

        Am I enlightened?
        Me? oh ... every now and then for a moment..or two...but

        Can you touch enlightenment while you surround yourself with people
        who challenge and tear down your value? I don't know. It may depend
        on how attached you are to Making Them Stop///Changing Their
        Beliefs//Winning an Argument//etc

        Why does it matter? We create a lot of suffering within our selves
        and between us and those we know by our dramas and stories of "how
        things are". This allows us to become still and let such things go.

        How do I DARE speak of enlightenment If I am not enlightened?

        There is the magnificent mountain... ahhh yes there it is. A moment!

        I am not Mozart but I love music

        Does enlightenment make one important?
        Not at all separating ones self by "" others less important is fear
        driven and pushes connectedness away.

        Does it make one valuable?
        It may if one is gifted to share the experience somehow.

        What is a false teacher?
        What is a false teacher?

        When does it happen?
        when we forget to try to MAKE IT HAPPEN DON'T MANIPULATE IT TO BE
        INTO IT... when we stop.

        Do we all have enlightenment moments? absolutely.They are quiet,
        simple, moments of appreciation, awareness, enjoyment, that happen.

        Can we use enlightenment as an escape?

        Often... but it is acting enlightened to ourselves and others and
        that is not IT.

        So... what is it and how do we get it... lol

        there was that a moment? Could humor be a part of it? Why not?

        How many forms of it are there?

        Can I ask the questions and not get caught in the pretense?
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