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RE: [ACWDYG ] Suggest a book

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  • Sonya Bellamy
    Well since you specifically ASKED for a BOOK TITLE there is one or two that come to mind success and happiness but Leonard Rubino is a really good self
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2008
      Well since you "specifically" ASKED for a BOOK TITLE there is one or two
      that come to mind "success and happiness" but Leonard Rubino is a really
      good self motivator. I ordered it and it blessed my socks off. It
      cleared up some things in my head after many-- many tragedies in my
      life, and got me on the road to wellness. I am currently reading as a
      follow up and "maintainer" "Reposition Yourself" (living life without
      limits) by Bishop TD Jakes.

      It helps you once you kind of begin to clear your head and heart of all
      the negativity and can kind of see yourself "going places" it helps to
      "get you there" I don't know if it's a good idea for me to "endorse"
      either author so I wont do that but I will say for me... and ME ONLY
      both these books helped me "come in out the rain" and want to be happy.

      I don't know if I knew how to get there on my own, but the daily reading
      surely helped me. They are books that led me to the light. People tried
      really hard to help me, but they got lost in their "opinions" of what
      was going on with me and waged personal "character assassinations"
      against me... so I clammed up and began to "shut down" as a result of my
      "self analysis/critique" it sometimes is good to talk to people the
      Bible speaks of that and says "in the multitude of council there is
      safety" but there is a lost place out there that is so dark that
      sometimes "people" being in that place with you will help you in your
      own demise. I find that a lot of times "people just don't know what to
      say" so sometimes they say the wrong thing. Try these books out and see
      how they do you. you might be surprised --- gotta run - but I wish you


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      Hi All,

      I am in the process of healing myself. Going through rough life since
      almost 3 years. I am not able to get up early in the morning just to
      avoid my life I want to sleep just ignore my current situation i am in.
      I have no hope on life to live just for sake of my parents and not to
      spoil thier reputation I am living .. I am not having interest in my
      life i am living.. I was living with some other thoughts till date.

      Could any one suggest a good book that would be best fit for my


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