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Re: [ACWDYG ] At the end of my rope

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  • sharron thompson
    hello laura,i feel very sad for you as i know what you are going thru as i have been there done that and i am now 47yrs old.i actively sought the help of my GP
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2007
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      hello laura,i feel very sad for you as i know what you are going thru as i have been there done that and i am now 47yrs old.i actively sought the help of my GP and if he wasn't going to tell me what i wanted to hear i was going to tell him to shove his dr's surgery up (you know where).But he was very good and the 1st step was to see a psych dr which i did do for many reasons.i wasn't a nut case or anything like that,i just couldn't handle everyday things and didn't want my son around me either.that psych dr sat there while i told him everything right down to me self harming myself and on numorous times trying to kill myself.well after 2 weeks full on talking to him and letting every cat out of the bag i was feeling a little better coz as like you i had no family to call my own,so had nobody to talk to.each time i left his rooms i felt even more better but i had to change my life as well and that was the hard part.i was an alcholic and in a very bad rut.i slowly eased my
      drinking down and went to the kindy where my son was enrolled.but don't get me wrong i was a total loner and i did not know how to interact with other girls/women,so i just sat there until it was time to go.about 3 weeks into going there some mothers took note that i was still not mixing so they made the effort to come to me and i will never forget there kind words of help.i was a single mum and hated my life and just did not know where it was going to lead me.so between my psych and them ladies at the kindy my life was slowly changing.next came time to look for a job for myself while my son was at his kindy,just 2 hours a day to start with.i found a great job that worked the hrs around me and i can tell you now that it was the best feeling id ever had of working with people outside my little flat and actyally making friends and having them over.so hence my big life change.
      NOW to you,i suggest you put you child/children in kindy,prep and go and look for a job,but only jobs that suit you and make sure the hrs are not to long at 1st coz you will get tired and cranky.just a couple of hrs a day to start with and this will make life for you so much better.go see your family dr and tell him/her what has been going on in your household and about your husban putting you down and shouting at you.that is not good for the self esteem.he or she will advise you on how best to act for your situation.but do tell them you need help and just don't know where to turn and you want them to help you.plz keep me informed and email me whenever you wish to as i would really like to keep intouch with you ok.plz take care and i hope you make the right choice.cheers to you regards chen.

      Laura <itsjustme22482@...> wrote:
      Hi.I joined this group because I am ready to make a change in my
      life.My main problem is trying to accept that no matter how much I
      change,I cant make my husband or kids change...I just have to
      wait...and that is extremely hard for me. I am 25.I was a mom at 17
      and on my own for four years until I met my husband,then I had a
      second child who has speech problems at age 3 and is extremely
      difficult to deal with.I am a stay at home mom in a state that I hate
      with no friends or family near by and no car at all during the
      day...all things that have finally taken t hier toll on me...on top
      of my past which is all too Jerry Springer.My health is poor and the
      more depressed I get,the worse my health gets and then I get more
      depressed and so on and so forth.My husband just yells and screams at
      me all day,I never get a thank you for anything I do all day,its just
      take take take...more more more...
      Lately,I cant even get out of bed in the morning,I no longer enjoy my
      kids,I just want to be left alone...I find myself running for the
      door the second my husband gets in from work.The sadder I get,the
      meaner he gets,then I get mad and sad....and so on....
      I don't want to live this way.I am too young.I dont want to hear
      about having faith or it'll get better...I need some real strategies
      because I am deep in this depression and need a hand to pull me out.

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