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  • misterc_630
    Many things require extra work And years of trying. Every challenge offers hope Of changes gratifying. What you ve undertaken Takes a lot of
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      Many things require extra work<br>And years of
      trying.<br>Every challenge offers hope<br>Of changes
      gratifying.<br><br>What you've undertaken<br>Takes a lot of drive and
      force. <br>You are on a difficult<br>And stimulating
      course.<br><br>I admire your attempt<br>To reach your chosen
      goal.<br>You'll require discipline<br>As well as
      self-control.<br><br>Every day that you keep on trying<br>Makes you that
      much stronger.<br>Obstacles, a part of growth,<br>May
      make the trip seem longer.<br><br>But be assured all
      effort brings<br>A form of satisfaction.<br>You will
      learn to go beyond<br>And master each
      distraction.<br><br>Nothing in this world can make<br>Your future seem so
      whole<br>As knowing you are reaching for<br>A most demanding
      goal.<br><br>--Bruce B. Wilmer
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