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Re: [ACWDYG ] Bini/Stress Management & time Management ??

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  • Bini Shah
    Dear Belinda, I really appreciate your kind help n guidance.Thanks a ton for your suggestions.I ll surely look fwd.to them. Best Wishes, Bini ... From: Belinda
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      Dear Belinda,

      I really appreciate your kind help n
      guidance.Thanks a ton for your suggestions.I'll surely look fwd.to them.

      Best Wishes,


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      From: Belinda Palmer
      Date: 02/01/05 06:18:41
      To: achangewilldoyougood@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [ACWDYG ] Bini/Stress Management & time Management ??

      --- In achangewilldoyougood@yahoogroups.com, "Bini Shah"
      <binishah@g...> wrote:> Can anybody out there help me to Get
      over /Cope with Stress/Cortisol.Any> Suggestions on Stress & time
      management or pertaining URL's are well appreciated.Do you think
      Gingko Biloba can be one relief or Siberian Ginseng

      $$Bini, if you live in a state of constant stress, no herbal remedy
      is going to do it for you, nor will 'stress management' if that means
      anything else but slowing down. Learning to put the brakes on your
      hectic scheduling, as well as addressing why you feel you have to
      operate at such an unhealthy speed, is your cure. Or, if you have
      issues inside that drive you at this pace, addressing them is the

      Everyone is entitled to at least 2 hours to themselves a day. As
      impossible as that might seem for some people, it's still the
      minimun 'self' time one should allow. If you have to leave the house
      to get it,(from your demanding family) do it. Go for an hour walk.
      Visit a quiet corner of the library. Stay up an hour later at night
      after everyone else goes to sleep. But don't work. Relax. Exercise
      can do wonders, but not if you're doing it to build your body. You'd
      do well with an exercise helps you unwind. Stretching, yoga, etc.
      Just teaching yourself to flop on the couch and stay there for an
      hour and think, or watch a movie, can work.

      Your body gets used to high levels of stress hormones. It becomes a
      way of living. To your detriment. Retraining yourself to untense and
      move more deliberately will help you. Surprisingly, once you slow
      down enough so you can feel when you need a small break, or nap, or
      those two hours by yourself, you'll find you still get the same
      amount of work done as you always did. You'll just do it at a
      healthier pace. I'm speaking from experience on this one. I'm a
      workaholic because I love being productive. But often, I fail to
      remember that I need rest, and a relaxed frame of mind to be truly
      productive. My personal test to see how I'm taking care of myself is
      to flop on the bed or couch and stay there for a half hour. If I
      can't sit still, or I'm actively planning my next task, that tells me
      I haven't shifted my gears down. To banish 'stress' you have to have
      REAL relaxing time.

      Herbal supplements and teas can help build, purify, heal, etc. your
      body, but they can't manage stress. They can only help you recover
      after you slash the stress from your life.

      If you ever want to talk privately, feel free to email me.



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