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Fw: the seventh sign and september 11, 2001

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  • W. K. Mahler & L. K. Mahler
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 10:39 PM
      Subject: the seventh sign and september 11, 2001


      if any of you ever wondered just what it is that bothers some people, it is the mere fact that there within this nation has the indisputable evidence that september 11, 2001 could have been averted. as an author myself of dozens of sci - fi fantasy books derived from present time life experiences that later on became aversions of war in the form of "scripture" translated to common effort story telling sans religious quotes sometimes as you know them, i can hereby tell you that even my own book, "the 40 minute war" was one of the contributing factors as to why the white house itself was not destroyed september 11, 2001. just look at the cover of my book and that tells you something considering tht even in the state society and morality is in, it was mr. william k. mahler who did in fact provide in another form of art perceived as art the most sincere warning this nation could have ever had had. if not for the audio, i along with chris morris would have been inside the very area of the pentagon of which did get hit september 11, 2001. the president was made aware of the juncture in time before the 11th.

      consider this, leonda and william were married may 13, 1989 and it was 13 days before september 11, 2001 mr. mahlers own audio recording of what you perceive as music was performed for the first time anywhere.
      the numerology of it all makes sense alone considering i had direct access to the core parts of the pentagon known to you as what as known commonly as top secret classified, for select few only including the presidency and vice presidency, chief of staff, secretary of state, and perspective leaders of the armed forces at the highest ranks.

      as Christians yourselves, you do know and understand from your own daily lives what art and predestiny is all about. listen to the audio of which has not been broadcast coast to coast via every medium of media except for small parts of the radio, tv areas but mostly via the internet.

      the slowness of acceptance as to how the events came to be the tragedy we now know as september 11, 2001, meaning the gradual release of this audio is like a drop in a big bucket, a small blip over time and that ratio should have been almost opposite in the sense of public awareness and availability of the audio almost immediatly after september 11, 2001.

      in the bible trumpeters sounded the alarm, voice is equally a trumpet.

      throughout the very lands extending from the land of the jews, israel to europe, it was a jewish german man of whom in his own very day wanted to bring to prominence another form of music, folk for he is known now and back then primarily for symphonies. that was gustav mahler.

      in my own lineage, i do have roots going back to israel, extending to russia and the united states. see here: http://www.mahlers.com/photos.htm
      that oughta tell you something there. and please forgive me for seeemingly so blunt about the mere meaning of relatives. vladimir putin to cecil freeman, my father to my relative vladimir himself. this does leave leonda in the sense of being related to me as my niece and william as your brother david. it is williams audio that i had long before september 11, 2001 as did anyone else who used it via the internet.

      just listen to the slam poet before william, his name is joe. in the very sense of knowing what ails this country, drugs, poor and how jesus would have considered abling those who needed help, his own poetry speaks volumes and if you listen carefully and count how many times he uses what we know as expelitives, you will know then the meaning of warning.
      if you then listen to williams own vocal performance the very meaning of warning is throughout the entire song word for word, note for note as delivered. from "cry for centuries" "happiness and fear"to "bring up my anchor", "may the sands" from the deserts to our shores across the lands and sea to new york.
      i am coming home again - tower one
      i am coming home again - tower two
      to my love, my one true friend (now known as the first images and most popularly known as the images of impact)
      i am coming home (home sang as it was, remember what the pentagon looked like)
      to you, (the wavering of the voice and the glide of the word "you"
      just like the jet that was zigzagging and landed in the field of pennsylvania.

      it is the entire performance itself of what is now known as "leonda (i'm coming home)" and even into the next song "got me worldwide" you listen and you figure it out with your own bible or any book known as a book of religion, you will understand why some people saw that as a sign of the apocolypse.

      new york city , but a glimpse of emotion struck for its openess when others over centures had theirs open. ("cry for centuries"). in a mattter of 19 days there will be an announcement of a new contact to someone so many has regarded as being the person directly responsible for september 11, 2001. it will lead to the interview of a first in its own kind, american and bin laden himself. you do remember it was the interview with saddam hussien that was a clear sign of what was to come and it has come and passed with a terrible price. bin ladens "punch in the nose, cracked ribs and time on the ground" aggresion to america for it was america with those wounds was not with a interview before hand much like saddam had himself with dan rather. i'm sure you agree we do not need worse than the events of september 11, 2001 on the scale that was itself in approx. 40 minutes that day or any sense of catastrophe on a wider scale from such a meeting with bin laden, unlike the videos and audio that have come from his camp, this is to be direct with him himself like no other form at all but with a bonafide american soon after.

      this isnt a matter of who wins what election here, it is the matter of how prophecy works.

      here is the audio of mr. mahlers from hyannis, ma august 29, 2001.

      keep in mind how you look upon yourselves as christians and how easily you go to Christ to make forgiveness for your own sins when you look back upon your actions regarding adultrly, theft, lies, deciept of your own and so on.



      this song "leonda (i'm coming home)" is now regarded by some persons, number untold as of yet as a new star spangled banner for this here united states. there has been people swaying to it but no offiical declaration has come as of yet. compared to francics scott key and the national anthem, his was created on a local battlefield within clear line of sight, unlike williams, he didn't physically see the desert and it was during peace time in hyannis the song was created.

      in regards to seventh signs, it was leonda and william discussing the movie alone by themselves with two others downstairs from their deck early predawn this morning when someone sent them via yahoogroups a email about the seventh sign from the bible. there was no mention of their conversation from either of them via their own hands to the computer he owns.

      mrs. janet e. morris.


      leonda and i are clearly needing some assistance to stay in new york city 4th of july weekend, believe it or not, we've got nearly 1000 dollars for the entire month of july.


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