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Re: Two-Year Support Plan???

Dear Vicki, AceMoney updates are available to you for lifetime, you do not need the support plan to get the future updates, as per the license terms. However,
May 20

Two-Year Support Plan???

I have an AceMoney file I don't use very often; it's for a kind of social club with a very tiny budget. Unfortunately, I can't remember the password I put on
May 20

Re: searching for transaction while balancing

Not I.... On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 5:55 AM, ackleyfam@... [acemoney] < ... -- David N. Polister This is interesting. Left click on the "X" below and drag
David Polister
May 20

error on importing QIF file

Recent user of Ace Money. I downloaded QIF files for my accounts, first one worked fine but the second and third account both came up with this error: file
May 20

Re: Pairing Acemoney receipts

You probably have Note 4 or something like that. Please longpress the "recent apps" button (the one on the left)
May 20

Pairing Acemoney receipts

Hi, I installed Acemoney receipts in my phone. I went through AceMoney Receipts Tutorial
May 20

searching for transaction while balancing

Once of the most frustrating things about AceMoney is the apparent lack of ability to search for a transaction while balancing. Has anyone found a way around
May 20

Re: Acemoney's future

Alex, this is wonderful news about an updated version. I've been a user for a number of years and I love this software. It works, is easy to use, and isn't
May 20

Re: Acemoney's future

Many thanks to all who responded with positive comments and support and most of all to Alexp for delivering outstanding news. We can all now relax and happily
May 19

Re: Acemoney's future

Thank you! Looking forward to it! That will be amazing! Mary ... This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. http://www.avast.com
Mary McFarren
May 19

Re: Acemoney's future

Bravo!!! Please keep it as simple to use as now and remember mac users!!!! Congratulations Thomas (Remember to index the all transaction report for all dates
Thomas van der Straten Waillet
May 19

Re: Acemoney's future

Thank you everyone for your support. We are working on a new version of AceMoney that will get away from MFC which makes it hard to maintain and improve upon
May 19

Re: Acemoney's future

+1 here. I had been using MS Money 98 right up to last October, and as it did everything I needed there was never any need to change. That is until I moved to
May 19

Re: Acemoney's future

Hi, I am also a long time user of AceMoney since 2003 and would be willing to pay to keep this excellent piece of software, that I use almost every day to
Pedro Silva
May 19

Re: Acemoney's future

It has been working good so far in windows 10 technical preview. So Thai is good. On May 19, 2015 6:37 PM, "rarunachalam@... [acemoney]"
David Polister
May 19
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