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71Update on ACE-OD Discussion

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  • Travis LEE
    Jun 28, 2007
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      Dear all,

      Pls see email below from Gavin and take note of the timeline.

      Daniel - How come we are doing the mini game stations now?  I thought it was just the boccia games to plan for?


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      Update on ACE-OD Discussion

      Hi all,
      Updates for everyone. Managed to contact Daniel who's one of the ACE programme organisers. He informed me that they wish to do the following:
      • Boccia disability competition
      • Mini games stations for both the beneficiaries and the public
      the latter is abit of a surprise to me. we have space constraints for our own activities within the stadium and have not planned for the mini games. also, not sure of the size nor scope of these stations just yet.
      however, as we still have some time, i informed Daniel to pass me his plans by 4/7 next wednesday. this is the ideal projected date because of contractor payment and adequate time for changes before OD Operations round-up on 7/7.
      Travis pls forward this email to Daniel and the ACE committee as I don't have their addresses. Thanks.