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  • kel_cy
    May 21, 2007
      Yo Yo~

      I have uploaded some games that the participants will be playing during
      the camp. If you want to add in any games can type and send to me k? =D
      Any comments about the games can also just say la, haha. Yupx. Hmmm,
      not all games will be played, not selected yet cause have to match with
      the duration and number of participants =). Currently, I haven't put up
      any games for Mass Ice Breaker, hmmm, any one got any ideas if not I
      will just use the previous years de liaox k...I will try to find new

      Yupx yupx~

      Jia You EveryOne!

      Its coming ITs COMING!!!

      Woots~ =.="