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Re: First hunt for the year

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  • ace250guy
    Marna, those were my wife s first words when I got home, So let s see the ring! I ll try and get a pic or two up in a couple days. Sorry to hear of your
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 15, 2010
      Marna, those were my wife's first words when I got home, "So let's see the ring!"

      I'll try and get a pic or two up in a couple days. Sorry to hear of your tennis elbow...I hope you recoup fast...I miss hearing of your jewelry finds!

      It was fun to get out...but I've got something for everyone to be a bit cautious of...the area I was hunting was a large empty lot that they had put a new water line under last fall. As I was walking along this muddy area detecting, I stepped into what i would consider quicksand! (unheard of here) My right leg went down to the knee, and when I tried to get my balance, my left leg also sunk to the knee. As I pulled my legs out, I almost lost my boots in the suction. The holes immediately covered themselves with water, and the soft sand/dirt combination...it wasn't life theatening...but boy it sure caught me by surprise! So watch those muddy areas! :)


      --- In ace250@yahoogroups.com, "marnact" <marnag@...> wrote:
      > So let's see the ring! I haven't been out yet as I'm suffering with tennis elbow (and I don't even play.) Soon, I hope.
      > Marna (CT)
      > --- In ace250@yahoogroups.com, "ace250guy" <milairnut@> wrote:
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      > > Well, we have unthawed enough in Michigan to finally get out again! I went to a local schoolyard and found my first ring for the year, and about 75 cents in clad...not bad for an hour out.
      > >
      > > Anyone else been getting out??
      > >
      > > hh
      > > Ken
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