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  • Robert Chudek
    Hey Gang! I m back from San Francisco and catching up on accordion news. I found this interesting email exchange on the rec.music.makers.squeezebox newsgroup
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 1999
      Hey Gang!

      I'm back from San Francisco and catching up on accordion news.

      I found this interesting email exchange on the  rec.music.makers.squeezebox  newsgroup this evening and thought I would pass it along to those who don't subscribe to that list:  I know one of our members plays the Sonola.

      Robert Chudek

      Toby Hanson wrote:

      In article <nOd73.9390$5a.9322@...>, "Paul"
      <peanut@...> wrote:

      >Does anyone have anything to say as to the reputation and quality of this
      >accordion manufacturer?
      >I would appreciate hearing from those who have played their instruments to
      >have some feedback as to the response and reed quality.
      >They are imported under the name of Tonaveri on the East Coast of the U.S.
      >Are they merely assemblers or actual manufacturers?  Are they on par with
      >their arch rival the infamous Petosa?
      >Any and all comments would be appreciated.

      Disclaimer:  I work for Rick Spano, importer of Spano (formerly Tonaveri)

      Morbidoni is about as much of a manufacturer as any in Italy.  They (Aldo
      and Umberto) work in a small building behind their house and they buy a
      lot of their parts from other people in Italy who make them in their own
      outbuildings or garages.  They build accordions for many people, including
      Rick Spano.  Most of the accordions they build carry the DEGA name.  They
      used to build accordions for Sam Ferri under the Diamond name (which Mike
      Arralde has revived in the last ten years).

      I like Morbidoni-built accordions.  Is it better than a Petosa?  That
      depends on what you like in an accordion.  I prefer my Spano over any
      Petosa I've played for a few reasons:

      1) The Spano balances better and fits my body better
      2) The Spano has a richer, sweeter tone
      3) The Spano is more compact for its size
      4) The Spano has a 19" keyboard instead of 19.5"
      5) The Spano is not butt-ugly like almost every Petosa made since 1950

      Morbidoni-built accordions are not for everyone.  Some people own both
      Spano/Tonaveri and Petosa and play them for different styles of music.
      Some people tried each accordion extensively before buying one or the
      other.  Joe Petosa has several Tonaveris he's taken in trade for Petosas.
      Rick Spano has several Petosas he's taken in trade for Tonaveris.

      Better things I've noticed about Petosa accordions:

      1) Petosa accordions generally have better reed response and play louder
      2) Petosa accordions are built much more ruggedly
      3) Petosa accordions tend to be very stoic in their design
      4) Petosa accordions are played by more famous people

      Also, some historical info on Tonaveri accordions:

      Tonaveri accordions were designed by Joe Spano in the 1950s because he
      wanted accordions that would do exactly what he wanted them to do.  They
      were first built by Sonola.  The old Sonola Tonaveris are highly
      sought-after here in the Northwest.  Round about 1973 something happened
      with the Sonola factory and Joe switched production over to the Morbidoni
      factory.  They've been building accordions for Joe (and now his son Rick)
      ever since.  The main point of importation for all Tonaveri/Spano
      accordions always has been Seattle, WA.  There Joe (and his assistants)
      would lovingly check each accordion and ensure that they all got good
      homes before sending them to their final destinations.

      Oh, and Spano accordions are less expensive than Petosas.  Rick Spano
      doesn't own a half-million dollar house, a Lincoln, or a boat.

      -Toby Hanson
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           -Dave Niehaus

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