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Great Lips' interview posted online

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  • captain2man
    Hey - it s the founder here. I know I ve been incredibly absent....but I m surprised that given that Anvil are now as big as they ve ever been that there s a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19 5:34 AM
      Hey - it's the founder here.

      I know I've been incredibly absent....but I'm surprised that given that Anvil are now as big as they've ever been that there's a minimal amount of activity here.

      Anyway....just got notified that the boys will be playing a NYC show at the end of July. The Bowery Ballroom - which is a nice-sized venue....but not too huge....definitely an intimate environment....just not the intimacy of a broom closet.

      This great (2-part) interview with Lips was just posted on Bravewords.com - conducted at a show in Halifax. I find it great not so much because of the guys interviewing the band...but because Lips has this ability to just kind of roll and talk and discuss things that you just don't find in generic interviews....the real process of being in a band - not just "promo-speak".

      I haven't had a chance to really talk with Lips since pre-movie days (except for one brief e-mail exchange last year)...there are just too many people at the shows now! (which is a GREAT thing!) - but - it seems he's just as humble and passionate about what REALLY matters (the music) as ever.

      It's like....fame (and I'm assuming at least some fortune) hasn't really changed him too much - at least not the "public" Lips that the fans get to see. Still good-natured, humble and absolutely loving what he's doing.

      Anyway - here's the link to the two videos which make up the interview - as well as some recently announced tour dates:

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