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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Re: quick commentary & a question for Anvil fans new & old

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  • Matt Ingram
    I don t think they ve hit the peak yet.. it s still coming.. it s still ramping up. A sequel would be cool.. and you re right.. it wouldn t have quite the same
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 30, 2009
      I don't think they've hit the peak yet.. it's still coming.. it's still
      ramping up.

      A sequel would be cool.. and you're right.. it wouldn't have quite the
      same effect on people.. but I think it would still get a big audience.

      3 piece is killer. I saw them 5 or 6 times with Ivan.. and when he
      left... I've seen them 3 or 4 times since.. and it was so much heavier..
      so much more together.. there was a different, more powerful energy
      about them onstage. 3-piece is where they are meant to be.


      tgalloca wrote:
      > Hmmm....I think they are at their peak right now. Hopefully it lasts
      > for awhile longer. I think their popularity will drop down but not as
      > far down as it was. It would be nice if they could continue their
      > career and make some money (rather than spending or breaking even).
      > I sequel would be cool. Sacha has filmed alot of the aftermath.
      > However I don't think it would do as well. People like to watch the
      > underdogs win. Now that they have won....the story isn't going to have
      > the same pull. I'd still like to watch it though. :)
      > PS...I'd like to see a 2nd guitarist added. Sebastian Marino would be
      > cool.
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      > <mailto:academyofanvil%40yahoogroups.com>, captain2man <no_reply@...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > First off....just want to say that when I started this group....I
      > could never in a zillion years have imagined that 9 years later Anvil
      > would be in the position that they are.
      > >
      > > I've been a fan of Anvil since the late 80s - just after Strength of
      > Steel came out - but didn't get to see them until the late 90s when
      > they played The Continental in New York City after Speed of Sound had
      > come out.
      > >
      > > Since then - I've probably seen them play about a dozen times in
      > clubs in the tri-state area....and - until the movie came out - I
      > doubt I ever saw them play in front of more than 20 people.
      > >
      > > Aside from the music - what endeared me to them was basically
      > exactly what people see in the movie.
      > >
      > > No matter that they may have driven down to Toronto to play a show
      > in Queens....the same night as Iron Maiden played Madison Square
      > Garden....in front of 5 people....they played just as hard (and heavy)
      > as they would if they were playing in a full arena.
      > >
      > > If they were disappointed at the turnout (and they must have been) -
      > they hid it from the fans. Lips, Robb, Glenn and Ivan were always
      > friendly, would sign anything you wanted them to, and would chat for a
      > bit.
      > >
      > > Lips was always responsive to my e-mails and even though I wouldn't
      > at all consider myself "friends" with him - he's always recognized me
      > at shows and took the time to at least say a quick "hello".
      > >
      > > To see what's happened to them because of this movie is absolutely
      > mind-blowing to me. Seeing this band go from playing in front of 10
      > people at 2 a.m. somewhere - to opening up for AC/DC at Giants Stadium
      > and getting all this press & attention is simply unbelievable and I
      > couldn't possibly be happier for them.
      > >
      > > My question is this, though.....and this is for the old diehards who
      > have been fans of the band since before the movie era - as well as
      > people who have joined up because they saw the movie and want to dig a
      > little deeper into the band....
      > >
      > > In the long run - what will come of Anvil because of the impact of
      > this movie?
      > >
      > > The gut reaction is to say that the movie has made Anvil a more
      > popular band.
      > >
      > > Well - I'm sure that this is definitely true. Anvil have become
      > almost a household name at this point.
      > >
      > > But WHAT exactly is gaining in popularity?? Is it the band as a
      > musical, creative entity who records & tours??.....OR....is it the
      > band themselves - as people.
      > >
      > > Since the movie has come out - Anvil has not played an actual "show"
      > in the NYC area....it's been "The Anvil Experience" - where the movie
      > is played basically as an opening act - followed by an Anvil
      > "concert". When I saw the premiere of the film at Gramercy Theater in
      > New York City, this "concert" was a grand total of maybe 15-20 minutes
      > and that was it.
      > >
      > > At some point - Anvil will need to "detach" from the movie. The
      > movie will always exist to be watched, of course....but at some point,
      > the hype will die down and the movie will fade from view - just like
      > anything in life.
      > >
      > > Will the popularity of the band continue & increase? Will record
      > sales and back catalog numbers increase?
      > >
      > > When Anvil are no longer playing shows with it's own movie as the
      > opening act.....when they come and play some club in NYC again....will
      > the audiences be larger than they were before?
      > >
      > > What exactly is being made "popular" due to this movie?
      > >
      > > Where will Anvil be - as a band - 2 years after the attention given
      > to them from the movie has subsided?
      > >
      > > If their audience increases and maintains itself - I'm sure they
      > will continue to write songs, make records & play live for as long as
      > they can do it.
      > >
      > > But what if that doesn't happen?
      > >
      > > Can they ever "go back home again" and go back to playing some clubs
      > somewhere in front of 25 people again? Can you get the red carpet/rock
      > star treatment as they are now and go back to where they were through
      > the 90s and the first part of the '00s?
      > >
      > > It's not a question that can really be answered....but I just wanted
      > to throw these thoughts out there and see what the Anvil "community"
      > had to say about this.
      > >
      > > What do the old diehard fans think? You guys were around before the
      > movie and your love for the band isn't just based on a curiosity
      > factor because of the movie. You will be there as long as Anvil exists
      > - even if they go back to playing small shows again.
      > >
      > > What do the newer people think? Are you here because you saw the
      > movie, like Lips & Robb as people?....find them interesting?....so
      > you're curious? Have you sought out some of their old records and
      > given them a listen? Do you like them? Would you buy a new Anvil
      > record or go see them if they played somewhere - and it was JUST them
      > - no movie?
      > >
      > > Would love to hear people's thoughts on this stuff.
      > >
      > > (P.S. Sorry for being such a stranger from this group....as I always
      > say when I peak in for a look....I'll try better).
      > >
      > > (P.P.S. If anyone saw the episode of That Metal Show when Anvil were
      > featured - I was the guy in the Stump the Trunk part of the show who
      > asked the Anvil-related question ("What was the name of the band
      > before they called themselves Anvil?")....I did stump Eddie & got a
      > Motorhead CD of it. If you listen closely - you can hear Lips
      > off-camera say "captain2man" as I'm stepping to the mic....that was
      > awesome!)
      > >
    • Ben
      Since the movie and re-discovering of Anvil by me..(I m a guy in his late 30 s who bought Metal On Metal when it came out in the 80 s and have checked in on
      Message 2 of 6 , Nov 1, 2009
        Since the movie and 're-discovering" of Anvil by me..(I'm a guy in his late 30's who bought Metal On Metal when it came out in the 80's and have checked in on them from time to time since then), I see the fame arc going someting like this:

        There will probably be a drop-off in concert attendance once the film is not fresh in the general public's minds..BUT there will be alot of NEW, REAL fans going through their back catalog and getting into the band for real, not just for the "oh,that band from the VH1 movie" kind of passing curiosity..

        Look, it happened with Aerosmith in the early-mid 80's, Before they got clean/before hired songwriters came in/before 'Permanant Vacation' and the career ressurection with the Run DMC video..They couldn't get arrested..they were pretty much a washed up band that no one but the die-hards cared about anymore..Now, they are back 'on top'... even though that means they put out shitty records now and Stephen Tyler wants to just call it a day..they still sell more records/concert tickets than when they were putting out truly awesome shit like 'Draw The Line'.

        My point is: The general public are a fickle bunch,whats 'hot' now never stays 'hot'. But its not them that Anvil are playing for anyway, its always been for the true fans..

        Lips and Rob are guys in their 50's now, with families..This could be the last go-round for them..But at least they are wrapping things up on a high note..With some money in the bank at last.
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