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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Anvil Movie

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  • Matt Ingram
    I don t think the last attempt at a boyhood dream means this is their last album - I think it s more saying that This is Thirteen coupled with the movie -
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 30, 2007
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      I don't think the "last attempt at a boyhood dream" means this is their
      last album - I think it's more saying that "This is Thirteen" coupled
      with the movie - is probably their last BIG shot at bringing them great
      fame and fortune. I know that regardless of what happens with this
      movie and album, that Anvil will keep writing and continue kicking ass -
      probably until they're dead!

      I can't wait to see this.. I've heard it will be almost like Spinal
      Tap, only funnier, better and real! I really believe that this movie
      will apply to people not only Anvil fans, but anybody. There must be
      something special about it to be selected for Sundance. Only a handful
      of movies make it there in comparison to the thousands entered.

      I also think this will be a very unique movie as it's a documentary
      about a band, that never really "made it" in terms of monetary success
      and stardom, but at the same time is a world renowned band, that was and
      is highly influential on the genre of Heavy Metal. They are also a band
      that despite the lack of great fame and fortune, have never stopped
      kicking ass and have been pumping out killer tunes for the past 30
      years. A documentary about a band that work day jobs, have families and
      keep a world class band rocking is great contrast to a documentary about
      a HUGE band making an album or whatever.

      This movie and This is Thirteen - is and will be a big deal for Anvil!
      Can't wait!!

      zygons_rule wrote:
      > It clearly is not a "pipedream" or joke. The link is wonky but the url
      > works.
      > www.anvilmovie.com
      > I'm a little worried about the log line: "Following a calamitous
      > European tour, Lips and Robb,
      > now well into their fifties, set off to record their thirteenth album,
      > "This is Thirteen," in one
      > last attempt to fulfill their boyhood dream." But will wait to see the
      > film first before casting
      > judgement. I never thought this album was Anvil's "one last attempt".
      > But perhaps it is.
      > Either way I hope the film can stand on it's own two legs and be both
      > an interesting look at
      > Anvil (people and music) as well as being a good movie on it's own.
      > Too many documentaries
      > about people, bands and what not are too superficial and are nothing
      > more than a series of
      > talking heads and clips. I hope this is not the case here.
      > Good luck at Sundance boys. If anything that alone is an indication
      > this film could be
      > something special.
      > Let us know when there are other screenings (Toronto?).
      > Cheers,
      > -R


      JOE THRASHER - Thrash Metal Band
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