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show review - 4/6/07 - Mystic Lounge, Staten Island, NY

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  • captain2man
    Just got back from the show (it s almost 3 a.m.) and just wanted to write this while it was all fresh in my mind. Anvil played tonight at a club I ve never
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2007
      Just got back from the show (it's almost 3 a.m.) and just wanted to
      write this while it was all fresh in my mind.

      Anvil played tonight at a club I've never gone to (Mystic Lounge) in
      one of the lesser-known boroughs of New York City, Staten Island (in
      the hundreds & hundreds of shows I've been to - only a handful have
      ever been in Staten Island).

      This weekend is what they're calling the L'Amour Reunion weekend. For
      those who don't know, L'Amour was a legendary hard rock/heavy metal
      club that was in Brooklyn (and I think there may have been one in
      Queens too for awhile) - that was especially prominent in the '80's.
      They closed their doors & then re-opened for a few years in the
      late-90's/early-00's. The "original" L'Amour was a little before my
      time - but I did attend quite a few shows at the "new" L'Amour (which
      is sadly also now gone).

      I saw Anvil twice there about 5-6 years ago. Anvil has a special
      place in L'Amour history because I believe they were actually the
      first national act to ever play there.

      The line-up for these 2 nights of shows in Staten Island isn't what
      you would call "star studded" (Anvil being the only true national act
      on the bill) - but I don't think having huge bands was really what
      this weekend is all about. I think it was more about getting all the
      people who would go to L'Amour EVERY weekend for years back together
      again in one place. I wasn't a part of that scene - but it was clear
      that people were having a great time seeing each other again after so
      many years.

      3 of my friends & I packed into my car and made the hour drive from
      Long Island to Staten Island. The place was pretty packed, Blitz from
      Overkill was D.J.'ing....Vito Bratta from White Lion was there was
      some crazy new Lambourghini or something.

      Anvil hit the stage thankfully not as late as I expected they would.
      Got a spot right in front of Ivan. Said a quick "hello" to Lips - who
      at first wasn't quite sure who I was - but then remembered (it's OK -
      it's been about 5 years since they last played down here).

      Musically - the band was in fine form - Robb was a whirlwind as usual,
      Ivan & Glenn aggressively manned the wings, and Lips - the foundation
      - at center.

      It was great that after 5 years of not seeing these guys - they did
      not disappoint. Well - it was disappointing - but not because of
      them. Because there were so many bands, Anvil were limited to an
      EXTREMELY short set...I think they played for maybe 25 minutes.

      They opened with "March of the Crabs" - which Lips played almost
      entirely while standing in the crowd.

      This was followed by the brand new "This is Thirteen" (which sounded
      awesome - can't wait for the new record), then "666", "School Love",
      "Winged Assassins", and, finally, "Metal on Metal".

      That was it - 6 songs & it was over. Years of anticipation in seeing
      the boys again - and it was over & done with in 25 minutes.

      Not their fault - but that was pretty disappointing.

      Lips also seemed to be rather disappointed with the set...I think he
      felt the audience just wasn't that into it.

      I was surprised by this - because that wasn't my perception at all.
      The place was packed - and there were plenty of people up front
      cheering them on & head banging. But - I know that it can often be a
      very different perception being onstage compared to being in the
      audience. I know that I was right up front and soaked in every minute
      of it.

      It was good to have them back in the area.

      Tomorrow they play Allentown, Pennsylvania...I was considering a
      roadtrip - but unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make that
      happen....'tis a shame because no doubt they'll get to play a much
      fuller set. But - I hope it's a good show for them.

      I also was talking briefly with Mike Sabatini, the drummer for
      Attacker, and he mentioned that they'll be playing a couple of shows
      with Anvil in December....don't know if that's 100% confirmed or not -
      but - either way - it sounds like Anvil will be making the trip down
      to the states a little more often than they had been in the past few
      years....you know I'll be there!
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