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ANVIL in Brasil!

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  • mestredio
    After anxious days, the tragedy! Sad... Bought the ticket on the first day, and now no Anvil here? Never tought I would see them live here..., never! Truly
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2006
      After anxious days, the tragedy!

      Bought the ticket on the first day, and now no Anvil
      here? Never tought I would see them live here...,
      never! Truly disapointing!

      Joined here just to express how the few but loyal
      Anvil fans in Brasil are now, just because 1 guy is an

      South America ALWAYS had trouble with shows, ALWAYS!
      After 12 years watching bands like Black Sabbath, Iron
      Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon or the small shows of
      Grave Digger, Mercyful Fate, Son Of A Bitch that are
      history here, people don't learn how to organize a
      show, incredible.

      Never heard about this Marco Rios, but I can imagine
      what's the problem with him!

      Tiziana, be sure that none will blame Anvil in here,
      specially because, no news about the cancelation are
      up until now, 10 pm here on May 20th. Hope you give an
      oficial statment to the Brasilian press, we have a big
      Heavy Metal press here, so nothing will be against

      You have mentioned some very know names in Brasil like
      Eric de Haas (century Media), Tumbaproduction, and
      Andreas Kisser (don't know what he did, but must have
      helped!) and just because of 1 guy, there's no Anvil
      here!!! Maybe these guys must help you in the future.

      I'll be hoping for the august dates, really! Hope
      everything works fine this time!
      If not, well....,maybe someday!

      The real metal fans in Brasil are waiting one of the
      very few bands that plays Metal as it should be
      played! Lips, Rob and the guys must have the
      opportunity to play to the brasilian fans! So many
      bands had before, and they all came back and recorded
      those shows..., Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson,
      Desaster, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rush, Incatation...,just
      to name a few and of diferent stiles!

      We'll be waiting!
      If Lips reads here, hey man, it'll be an honor to see
      you in my country! Hope to see you live and meet you
      someday here!

      Keep metal alive because Anvil was forged in fire!

      tgalloca wrote:
      > Hello everybody,
      > Tiziana here, ANVIL manager!
      > Unfortunately ANVIL will not performe in BRAZIL,
      because I had too
      > troubles from an unprofessional guy called MARCO
      RIOS. Im sorry very
      > much, because I made all my best for to come in
      BRAZIL, but him not
      > worked like our agreement, so we had troubles for to
      have in time our
      > VISAS WORK.
      > I passed all time on the phone for to put all in
      order... but mission
      > impossible too later, Marco Rios gave me too
      > Its not ANVIL fault, in fact we made all the best
      for to come in
      > BRAZIL in date 27th May, but its very sad to know
      there are so many
      > unprofessinal brazilian people who is not able to
      > I want thank all promoters who confirmed ANVIL in
      them clubs and
      > festival too, who worked with me, Mario Aceval,
      Marcus (Porao Do Rock)
      > , Luis (Manifesto) , Gustavo (Artist Director Porao
      do Rock) , Eric de
      > Haas (century Media), Carl (Master Hall),
      Tumbaproduction, Colombian
      > fans, Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and all ANVIL FANS!
      > I will work for to come in BRAZIL in AUGUST 2006
      with ANVIL....because
      > I know we have BRAZILIAN FANS WHO WAIT FOR TO SEE my
      loved band.
      > So I hope to see you all soon......and thanks for
      > ANVIL RULES!
      > Tiziana, ANVIL manager
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