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Re: Hi Gang, Lots of secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • tangelaine2000
    Things look good for you guys, I m sure it s going to stay this way in 2006. Keep on rockin! Happy new year to all of you! tange :0) ... we ... roar. ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 30, 2005
      Things look good for you guys, I'm sure it's going to stay this way
      in 2006. Keep on rockin!

      Happy new year to all of you!

      tange :0)

      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, anvilips2000 <no_reply@y...>
      > But I can't tell!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truthfully there is much going on but
      > prefer not to tell. I'm not being mean I'm being cautious. I don't
      > need MT Henderson shooting his blabbermouth off again with bull
      > Massacre records is no longer working with ANVIL . We will be
      > for a new lable but it will be when 1) This is Thirteen is
      completed 2)
      > when we own all our titles. This could take some length of time but
      > these things must be taken care of. In the mean time we will be
      > continueing to tour the world and building a momentum. Most of the
      > songs have been writen musically but I now will begin writing
      > I'm not in a hurry and quite honestly I don't think the fans are
      > either. I also don't think it will make a big differance after all
      > have recorded already. So many people are still under the
      > our last cd was called Forged in Fire!!!I must re introduce the
      > as most North American people don't even know we still exist. It's
      > laughable really!!!! We are going to fix this problem once and for
      > all....THAT I WILL TELL YOU
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