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Re: [Academy of Anvil] LA in the morning

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    Well, life begins to be really busy for you, guys...I was wondering how you both felt when you knew that you would tour in so many countries. You didn t have
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      Well, life begins to be really busy for you, guys...I was wondering how you both felt when you knew that you would tour in so many countries. You didn't have such a huge tour since the "Academy of Anvil" was founded. Do Ivan and G5 are prepared to go in Europe and play almost every night?

      It's a bit strange how the things are turning out for you and Anvil. The past comes back to you. Like I wrote after BTB, "Good times bad times". It's like the "good times" are back... Enjoy Lips and have fun with Robb! If you see Spielberg, ask an autograph for me. Tonight, we go to the Drive-In to see HG Wells' War of the World and I hope that I won't be deceived. "Petite vie, mais belle!"

      I hope that you brought a camera......nope? Some department stores sell the Kodak Easyshare for 99$. How fun it would be to see Amsterdam's streets, the Red Square in Russia, the sea in Greece....Damn, you can't go there and let us without an "image" :0)

      By the way Tony, your house isn't that bad painted in black, lol. It's going to be "warm" for the cold winter! :^D


      anvilips2000 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      I leave for LA at 7:50am, I'll be there by 11:00am western time zone.
      Many years ago Robb and I met this 14 year old metal fan(Sacha)in
      England when we played the Donnington Festival. He showed us around
      London and particularly Carnaby Street. It was during this excursion
      that we signed autographs for the guys in Candlemass. When I returned
      from the festival in Italy Sacha had emailed me!!! This is very
      strange because like I say the guys in Candlemass had just reminded me
      of the day that Sacha took us to Carnaby Street and here was an email
      from him. I haven't heard from Sacha since 1989. As it turns out Sacha
      is in the movie business and recently did work with Tom Hanks in the
      movie Terminal. I did see this movie and I did see Sacha's name come
      up on the screen but thought that it couldn't be the same guy....but
      it was!!! He's paid for a ticket to come visit him in LA were he lives
      at the moment. He's quite a unique character and Robb and I have often
      wondered what ever happened to him, and it wasn't until a couple of
      weeks ago that we finally got back in touch. As most of our close
      friends Sacha got a nick name....Tea Bag....


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