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Re: Tradate Iron Festival

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  • Tange
    Good, Anvil had a good time. That s a big déjà vu that you felt. It happened to me for a moment, but never for a whole day. You knew the Swedish guy and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 11 5:32 AM
      Good, Anvil had a good time. That's a big "déjà vu" that you felt. It
      happened to me for a moment, but never for a whole day. You knew the
      Swedish guy and remembered the street in England? Crazy! It's a good

      I read about "déjà vu" and they say that it last a few seconds only.
      The blood circulation in one of the two hemispheres (brain) is going
      at the opposite of the other (for a short moment) and it feels like
      you "lived" this moment. But in your case, I don't know. It's pretty
      weird. Something to write a song about it!

      I have a friend that worked in a office all her life and when she had
      a burn-out, she decided to fly to Egypt. She said exactly what you
      described. She needed to "cover her face" like a muslim woman and she
      knew exactly how to run a camel. There's a lot of things that are
      still mysteries to us.

      I'm happy that you had a good time. On the pics, all the band seem
      very cool.


      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, anvilips2000 <no_reply@y...>
      > It was an amzing experience, from the first moments to the last I
      > felt as though I had done this already and was doing it again. I
      > know that sounds weird but it's true . As I watched Exciter who
      > on before us it was like looking at my memory...I was getting all
      > gear ready to set up and play at that moment but I felt as though
      > I'd been there before. It really was strange. I met the guys from
      > Candlemass, real good guys! from Sweden, and as it turns out it was
      > the second time in my life that we met. I was told by one of the
      > guitarist that he got my autograpgh as I was shopping in London
      > England in 1982. As strange as it may sound I totally remember the
      > moment...this is not that rare because I remember being shocked
      > someone from Sweden wanted my autograph and I was in England!I felt
      > that it was weird because we hadn't had any English fans stop us on
      > the street at all. We were on Carnaby Street buying leather
      > bullet belts, jeans and shoes. I've only done that once in my
      > carreer and I had met the guys from Candlemass and didn't know it
      > the time. When he began telling me that we met in London , I
      > straight away knew who he was.... the Swedish guy I met on Carnaby
      > Street in 1982 and I said CARNABY STREET RIGHT? Yes a cool week end
      > indeed. I also started Sunday morning with breakfast with
      > Ronnie...and ended the following morning with Ronnie in his road
      > mangers room drinking wine and smokin green.It was a remarkable
      > evening, I found Dio to be very much like me in many different
      > I was surprised but in a positive way. He quit smoking cigarrettes
      > 20 years ago and stays clean of any bad substances... and never
      > does drinking unless he's got time to relax I would guess. He was
      > very focused on his music and personal direction. He knows what he
      > has and knows how to use it and takes direction from no one but
      > himself. That sounds really framiliar to me!!!The great story of
      > Cozy Powell came to try out for Rainbow!!! Ritchie put his thumb on
      > the 3rd fret of his low e string and began playing this one single
      > note to a straight rhythem patern. It would sometimes go on for as
      > long as eight minutes before the drummer would finally stop and
      > Ritchie would just say NEXT. Finally Cozy comes in, he puts on a
      > pair of tights a pair of weird boxing shoes slaps his hands and
      > alright then , sits down....Ritchie starts up with his one note
      > thing and after about one minute Cozy stops and asks Ritchie what
      > are you doing? aren't you going to use some kind of change?
      > something? Ritchie turns to Ronnie ...here's our guy!!! I was more
      > impressed with this part of the festival seeing that I got to
      > actually spend time with a singer that worked with 2 of my all time
      > favourite guitarists...Ritchie Blackmore and Tony Iommi...although
      > I've never met Blackmore I'm not sure I'd want to. Tony is a great
      > guy, very soft spoken English gentleman. In any case the show went
      > very well....I even jumped off the stage at the end of Metal on
      > Metal....it freaked the security right out! as well as all the head
      > bangers behind the barrior. It was a real blast of a week end.
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