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Re: [Academy of Anvil] GIGS COMING

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  • Elaine R. DelSignore
    I m glad.........that you re glad! Have fun in Florida!! You know about opinions, sometimes it s only to make you post! Your Mom is going to be happy to see
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2005
      I'm glad.........that you're glad! Have fun in Florida!! You know about opinions, sometimes it's only to make you post! Your Mom is going to be happy to see you. Take a lot of sun and do whatever you want to do. The day your friends or your fans won't have anything to say about you or "what you should do", it will be because you're forgotten. I doubt that's what you wish. Do you play in Montreal? I would like to go and maybe to "tell you what you should do or play", lol.... ;^D

      Rock the beach Lips!!

      tange :0)
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      I'm off to Florida!!!!! I'll be back in a week. I also have to
      mention that Ron from Nitemare has gotten a number of dates accross
      Canada west that is! We are even doing a gig in Ottawa, which is so
      rare it's scary, it's been at least since 93 that we played there. I
      don't think we have a set openning band, we are hoping for a known
      band, and I've asked Trouble from Chicago as well as Hirax. I'm not
      too sure either will be able to do it. Maybe Goathorn?
      I can't wait to get to the sunshine and warm weather, and of course
      see my mother who is down there by her self.
      As for the reasons for the song Chainsaw was strickly to re remind
      us all where metal came from. Generally speaking it is only the
      arrangement of how the vocals worked but otherwise all the riffs are
      different. It was Robb that insisted to make it resemble the Preist
      format. He felt that people need something to talk about, in a good
      or bad way, and quite honestly he was correct. For the very same
      reasons that Dan hates it some feel that it's the best ever, and
      that the newer version burries the old and that lyrically it says
      something a lot more clever. At this point I'm so entirely fed up
      with opinions. I go balistic when someone says to me "you know what
      you should do?" I just answer them by saying "you know what you can
      do"? Mad Dog started in on me last week before the gig, about what
      we should do, and what we should play.....needless to say
      really...So when I was on stage I started carving on him for coming
      to too many shows, because all he does is complain, even though we
      are playing most of his favourite songs. He said that we shouldn't
      play Mad Dog, and that really baffles me, that song was named after
      him! He also said people don't care to hear the song just because of
      the video. That is one of the most rediculous things I've ever
      heard. I know for a fact people like to hear what they know, and the
      less you play of what they know the worse you go over. In fact when
      we do play that song , it gets one of the biggest responces, even
      more so than Forged in Fire. The main reason is because of the
      video. I realize most fans just mean to be helpful, but in my view
      it makes me want to be invisable, and untouchable. I think for the
      first time in my life I understand why most famous musicians live a
      life of a hermit wreakloose. Say what you want to each other but
      leave me out.....I'm not being hostile just honest with my emotional

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