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Re: [Academy of Anvil] my negative post

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  • Elaine R. DelSignore
    I think that we don t all listen to the music the same way and it gives many point of views about the same song. I emailed Tony to know if he liked Fall to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2005
      I think that we don't all listen to the music the same way and it gives many point of views about the same song. I emailed Tony to know if he liked "Fall to pieces" (Velvet Revolver) and he just hates the song......and the band. I'm sure that he listens to bands that I wouldn't give any credit to. It's a matter of personal taste. I listen to a song many times, an instrument at the time. Then, I listen to the "whole thing" and finally to the arrangements. I know it's weird, but I do that since I'm 11 years old. I personaly don't like Slash or Weiland, but I try to "imagine" that I don't know them, that's not "them". I think this song is a very good ballad (poor in lyrics) and Tony just can't stand it. That's the way it is...I'm not writing about what Catdeli likes....that I hate!

      The worst Anvil album reviews were made by guys that already didn't like Anvil and it gave what it gave...non-objective reviews. I agree that metal is not what it was in the 80's but we can't go back in time. In the 90's, Anvil came back with a metal music which they added "speed". But it still was Anvil by the lyrics, the drums, the guitars and the basic stuff. The 90's albums aren't my faves but I know that they pleased another kind of metalheads. Well, in 2001 they were back with a power metal that was a little close to "metal on metal" style. My opinion as a fan, is that you "don't build a brand new house on old foundations". The old foundations in POP, SGS and BTB were the borrowed melodies to Uriah Heep, Judas Priest, Grand Funk and to others. I sincerely believe that Anvil can record a full album without doing this.

      Ask me if I find that a "artcraft cover" is what Anvil needs to release an album that would kick ass by its sound and its music.Who cares about the album cover (except Tony) now that everything is bought in cd. Can we really see the subtleties of the art design on 5 in. X 5 in.? I don't know how it cost but honestly, every single penny should be invested on the production. I wish to displease some people but Anvil needs to stay longer in the studio for the next album....when they'll be ready to record.


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      I really came off as a dickhead on that last post of mine. Im just
      so frustrated with the GENRE "metal", its just such crap these
      days. It lost its meaning(if it ever had one) I mean I really like the
      fact that Anvil change it up and dont conform to the crap thats
      coming out nowadays. Back to Basics and Still going Strong
      were testaments to that for sure. I dont Like SGS for my own
      personal reasons, WHITE RHINO rules though, but the songs
      just sound forced to me, like filler tracks or something. Race
      against Time sounds good live though. And Holy Wood is
      Brilliant. hahah. I guess I wont understand that album unless its
      really explained to me. But as for Back to Basics I love the album,
      but it really sunk in hard when I realized that Chainsaw was a
      JUDAS PRIEST song. I just want to know why you did that. I still
      remain a diehard fan Its just bugging the crap out of me.

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