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  • Elaine
    Well, I listen only to the Dianno s Iron Maiden. I stopped to listen to Judas Priest after Defenders of the Faith . Their last song Revolution that plays
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      Well, I listen only to the "Dianno"'s Iron Maiden. I stopped to listen to Judas Priest after "Defenders of the Faith". Their last song "Revolution" that plays on the radio is so pathetic. I thought first that it was Billy Squier (you're too young to know him, lol) and Halford screams a "oooh yeah" like Robert Plant at the end of the song....It's not Stained Class or Screaming for vengeance. But, it's Judas Priest and if I want to see them live playing their old songs I'm better buy their stuff!

      Deep Purple, it's the same. I never listen to their last albums...Motorhead, Black Sabbath, (Catdeli is copying on my post, I tell you guys...)

      But it's not a matter of "good" or "not good". It's maybe that the albums were recorded in a period of time that was different. We saw Judas Priest, Maiden, and many other bands disappeared in the 90's but...Anvil was still rocking. There's nothing like the music live and it all depends on the albums' sales.


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      Well I dont know what to say , my remark was vague. I really just dont
      play the last three albums. I like Speed of sound and everything after
      that. Speed of sound was the album that made me really pumped on anvil.
      Cause they Still sounded Golden. But then I was just kinda let down
      the next three times. Just cause I say this doesnt mean they arent
      good. They just dont do anything for me. One or two songs but thats
      it. Im just not thrilled , because a new album is coming out so soon
      after Back to basics I just dont know what to think.

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