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Writing songs?

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  • Tange
    I don t know if Lips is writing the lyrics of the next album s songs. I noticed that every time that he s silent on the board , it s because he writes. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2005
      I don't know if Lips is writing the lyrics of the next album's songs.
      I noticed that every time that he's silent "on the board", it's
      because he writes. I don't know if there is going to be a title
      song "This is Thirteen". I must say that I like when there's a title
      song. I think it's an opportunity to really tell what the title is
      all about.

      Lips is a pretty good writer, but sometimes the melodies don't really
      give a chance to some elaborate lyrics. Like when they were doing
      speed metal, the sentences were very short.

      We might think that Lips is "down to earth" when we read "Five
      knuckle shuffle" or "9 to 5". What I would like to read in Anvil's
      lyrics one day, it's his "occult" side. He's interested about all
      kind of weird things (prophecies, end of the world, etc.) and in my
      opinion, it would give a good structure to the songs because of the
      title. He likes to talk about things that are unusual and it's a side
      that I would like to discover. Anyway, probably all the songs are
      written already.

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