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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Re: Pentragram show

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  • Zazzoo
    It s not a funny show, ha? I heard about a new way to take an old drug that makes a lot of damages in my home town in QC. It s a very small town and the Hells
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 17, 2005
      It's not a funny show, ha? I heard about a new way to take an old drug
      that makes a lot of damages in my home town in QC. It's a very small
      town and the Hells have their "central" just there (Trois-Rivières).
      Some guys and girls that I grew up with are addicted to morphine's
      suppositories cos it's cheap and smart (no needle marks). Two of my
      former friends (grade school) were on a Metadone treatment last summer.
      When they were drinking with that, it was dangerous for...what you saw
      at the Pentagram show. It killed young people that I didn't know. Any
      strong drugs mixed with alcohol is very dangerous. It often does like a
      poison, it's easy to see because there's foam at the mouth. Thing like
      that never happens with natural stuff...There's nothing that you can do,
      just trying to stay healthy.

      catdeli wrote:

      > --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "xcygnusxyyzx"
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      > > Bobby Leibling of Pentagram was forced on stage while overdosing on
      > > some drugs. He looked like death. He collapsed and went into
      > convulsions.
      > Jeeze, at his age you'd think he would know how to time his drugs.
      > Say you have a show at 10 pm. You don't shoot up in the evening, you
      > do it earlier so that you can do a lot of coke and wake up before the
      > show. Any beginner knows that!*
      > I never heard Pentagram but I see that Raven's drummer, Joe H. came
      > from them. Well, I hope Bobby's ok and will learn a lesson from
      > his "Day Of Reckoning".
      > * catdeli neither supports or encourages the use of illegal
      > narcotics. He admits no first-hand knowledge of heroin/cocaine usage
      > and was being satiric in the above post.
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