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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Re: Formula

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  • Elaine Delsignore
    There you go! Di Anno kicked ass, it s too bad that he had alcohol problem. We keep Iron Maiden and Killers in the car. It s different and honestly my
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 19, 2004
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      There you go! Di Anno kicked ass, it's too bad that he had alcohol problem. We keep "Iron Maiden" and "Killers" in the car. It's different and honestly my favorite songs are on these two album. "Prowler, Running Free, Phantom of Opera, Another life, Prodigual son, Murder in the rue Morgue...etc", are unique. It's not only about the voice but the beat. I think that when Clive Burr left, it changed completely the style of the band...I loved Maiden but after "The number of the beast", I don't know I didn't have the same feeling when I was listening. I don't think that there's something wrong posting about other bands, Anvil opened for Iron Maiden in 1982 and it was something!
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      Sent: Friday, November 19, 2004 5:22 PM
      Subject: [Academy of Anvil] Re: Formula

      I didnt intend to turn it into an Iron Maiden Discussion
      to me they arnt even on the same page as ANVIL
      I only mentioned them because people often say that
      they Like Iron Maiden because they never change.
      I despise Bruce Dickinson maiden these days.
      I used to be a huge fan. But now I wont even play them
      For my maiden I choose Paul Dianno LIve at the Whiskey.
      Paul Dianno Solo stuff Blows Bruce dickinson out of the water.
      But ANVIL just does circles around it all.
      Keep the faith.

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      > My favorite Iron Maiden was in the mid to late 80s, like Powerslave,
      Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son. And I did enjoy Brave New World,
      but I think the three-guitar lineup is too cacophonic live; I saw them
      during the Ed Hunter tour and they only sounded truly great when
      Yannick Gers was spinning his guitar around and not playing :) To me
      the key person is Adrian Smith, who is the melodic player in Maiden,
      and he was gone for a long time, during which period the albums
      weren't so great.
      > Cheers, Jerry
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      > Subject: [Academy of Anvil] Re: Formula
      > I am a fan of Iron Maiden for the most part. I love NOTB!!. Great
      > album. As for a formulat. I think Maiden has changed over the years. I
      > love the early 80s stuff. I like the late 80s and early 90s stuff buit
      > the recent Blaza and Bruce albums I find boring. Hell if they used
      > their 80s formula it would be an improvement.
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      > >
      > > Part of what makes that lame Iron Maiden so huge is the fact
      that they
      > > always stick to a formula (meaning the same generic garbage year
      > > year) But anvil, although they sometimes stick to a formula, Have
      > > always mantained my total respect. They do not sound the same on
      > > album , so if im in the mood for head on thrash /speed I can pop in
      > > worth the weight or Absolutely no alternative, but if I want
      > > Doom and power metal I can listen to Forged in Fire, if I want to
      > > listen to Good old Classic Rock and roll metal/nwobhm type stuff I
      > > just listen to Hard n heavy(which rocks as much as any). Or if I
      > > to listen to complete drivel and generic crap I just pop in
      Brave New
      > > world or Number of the Beast.
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