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Remember Kingdom Come?

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  • Elaine Delsignore
    I was very surprised to hear the song s sample of Kingdom Come new album Perpetual . I had a sounds alike Zep album in 1988 and I listened to it because I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2004
      I was very surprised to hear the song's sample of Kingdom Come' new album "Perpetual". I had a "sounds alike Zep" album in 1988 and I listened to it because I was nostalgic about Zeppelin...It was a pure copy of Zep' stuff.

      It's a guy on another yahoo group that wrote about it. Classic Rock magazine made an article about them and said that their new album was excellent. I was sceptic and I went to listen to their samples. These are m3u, I had some problems to play them. I download Quick Player once and if f***** up all my players.

      What I've heard was great. I love the guitars, really... and the voice is not that "Plant". The sound is awesome and I can't really "classify" that kind of music. I liked it a lot, if you're curious:


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