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I found my infos.....here in the cellar!!

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  • Elaine Delsignore
    I ve posted the page of an archives that I ve found here...All the shows from 1981 to 1985 in Albany. It s in 1983 that Anvil toured with Aerosmith. These
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2004
      I've posted the page of an "archives" that I've found here...All the shows from 1981 to 1985 in Albany. It's in 1983 that Anvil toured with Aerosmith. These are real documents...How exciting to live with a maniac.

      It's in the folder "Varius" (Files).

      I don't know if US doesn't care about Anvil but one thing is sure is that almost all the "over 30 years old" guitarists know Lips. One of them asked lives now in Hudson Falls but is from NYC. He asked me a lot about Lips and Anvil. He saw them in the 80's (at L'amour). The other guitarist is one of Catdeli's best friends. He's an excellent guitarist but it's a very small area here. He asked me what Lips was doing for living, how many kids he had and.....if he has made money with his music. I've answered quickly to the two first questions, for sure. I told him that Lips pretended that he has never made money, but that I've always wondered why he had so many guitars...He told me that he has never succeeded to be a "pro" but that he needed to play anyway. Here, it's difficult to find a bass player (Here means Glens Falls, Hudson Falls, Saratoga, Fort Edward, Queensbury, etc...) Finally he asked me: "What happened with Allison?". I said that the last news I had were that he was a lumberjack and far from the civilisation. Then he asked me about Ivan..."Is he a good guitarist?". I said yess, damnit! "There's no comparison between the both".

      About Iced Earth, if they have time to lose hating the other bands....that's too bad for them. They seem to like the "Controversy"...and not only with the magazines. We won't feed the flame, life is too short.

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