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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Re: About bonus DVD from B.T.B.

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    I thought that only women were curious??.. The woman behind Anvil on the bonus DVD ....to follow! I love the DVD, but I prefer when the songs when they aren t
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      I thought that only women were curious??.."The woman behind Anvil" on the bonus DVD"....to follow!

      I love the DVD, but I prefer when the songs when they aren't perfectly matching with the recorded version. That's why I love blues and other stuff. Rush plays exactly like on the album and I've just felt like "I'm not watching a show". We were supposed to go to see Deep Purple, but we're broke. We had friends at home and my family just left this morning after a huge party last night...I was glad to see them.

      One thing made me curious about Lips first speech. "...you're not like those English fucks!". I've always wondered what happened in England in 1983. I tried to find out with the Kerrangs! that we have here, but they don't really tell anything about it. I've heard many stories. Like "Lemmy wanted to hire Lips to replace Fast Eddy Clark"...."They didn't have the success that they deserved (a classic one!)"..."They had a good crowd only at one place, a night". I wanted to know to put it in the Bio but it's like a blank.

      Also, it's sad that Anvil doesn't go in France...and in all the countries where they have fans. It's one of the only bands that got fans a little bit everywhere in the world. I dream of a special website that would webcast live shows (5$) with a good sound, good lights and a little crownd to create an ambiance. Many bands are to see still but unhappily the promotors are a rarity concerning metal music.

      Wacken (Metal Marathon 2004) has started to present some samples on Windows Media Player. They offer 2 hours free and Catdeli is now listening to Dio (Heaven and hell) www.hardy.tv.com for the rest, they charge. Doro is going to sing right now...Technology is fast, I hope that a canadian is going to be bright enough to show a kind of "Gate of Hell" online. High Speed Connection is cheaper that it was years ago. Dreams don't kill...





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