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Re: [Academy of Anvil] What's Going On Here???

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    I don t know Jeff...I probably have to tell the truth and write that actually I m pretty sad about what happened to Anvil in 2004. BTB has been very well
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      I don't know Jeff...I probably have to tell the truth and write that actually I'm pretty sad about what happened to Anvil in 2004. BTB has been very well appreciated by some webzines...or disliked completely by some others. It's half and half. Ivan fell down and hurt badly himself and like it wasn't enough, Lips lost his father. I'm afraid that Anvil breaks up when Lips is silent like that. It makes me freak.

      I had to go to see Rush at the SPAC in Saratoga last Monday. It was full, inside and outside. What do they have as a new CD? "Feedback" it is called. Nothing but old cover songs of the 60's "that inspired the band". Cover songs: Summertime Blues, Crossroads and a bunch of other stuff released when I was still at the day care. I didn't read the critics, but I guess they said it was good. God knows that Geddy doesn't have a voice to "sing the blues". I effectively had a kind of migraine after the show, their lights are so intense. But, the rest of the show was great....They are great musicians, Neil Peart is amazing. The ticket was 37$ for outside and 100$ (US) for inside the SPAC. Yup, we were outside...

      The house is like a camp, we had guests from Quebec from Sunday to Wednesday and my parents arrive tomorrow for 3 days. It was Catdeli's vacation: it's not this year that we're going to take our honeymoon!

      We wanted to go in Quebec City to see Anvil at the end of August but all the vacation weeks are taken where he works. I didn't receive my letter for my interview (last step) from the Immigration to get the right to get out of the United States.

      When Lips is going to feel a bit better, I'm sure that he will let us know. His last message was pretty short and it's not in his habit. But, 2004 is not yet finished and we never know what's going to happen. I'm pretty happy in New York State, people are cool...But I'll be happier if something really GREAT would happened to Robb, Lips, Ivan and G5. Kind of "unusual" thing, yunno. Anvil is very significative for me. I'm trying to write a french Bio to put on the new Metal Pounders site (French-English), but damn I'm so wordy!!! I start to learn my English verb tenses with an English tutor next week. When I'll be a li'l more quiet, well I'll finish it.

      tange ;)

      thehelion <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      What's going on with the message board?? No real posts in a lonnnng
      time. Nothing from Tony or anyone else. I know that it's summer here
      but that never stopped the posts in recent years.

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