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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Re: What the hell?

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    Damn it Wipy, I thought that you were lost in the Inca s ruins!!! Nope...Nobody committed suicide, we re just very quiet. I heard Infernal Majesty, I think
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 29, 2004
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      Damn it Wipy, I thought that you were lost in the Inca's ruins!!! Nope...Nobody committed suicide, we're just very quiet. I heard Infernal Majesty, I think that they signed with Galy records...It's death metal? Well, I'm not really in that kind of stuff.

      An half hour ago I was having a big chocolate/vanilla twist ice cream cone and I was listening to...........old Scorpions!! 1977: It sounds like summer. I've started to sing the "Big city nights" on "We'll burn the sky" to realize that it was exactly the same melody. I almost choke, man! I don't remember any "Love at first sting" review that mentionned that detail.

      Catdeli and I, were making a comparison with Uli Roth and Dave Allison...when he was "trying" to sing on "Hell cat". Hooooo....Scorpions were good guys to let him massacre the song like that. We thought that he wanted to be the "rock star" and that it didn't fit with Scorpions. Michael Schenker got probably the same personality and that's why he's still alone. No team spirit... The most funny thing is that a tour is announced that Michael Schenker will be touring in USA at the Fall, with Uli Roth opening :)

      I don't like Scorpions stuff anymore, it's too melow. But good old Scorpions in the summer is just good as ice cream is.

      tange :)



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