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    Their music was great! There s a video available with Quick Time, and they do 50 s rock songs like Jerry Lee Lewis (Great balls of fire)...it s in black and
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 5, 2004
      Their music was great! There's a video available with Quick Time, and they do 50's rock songs like Jerry Lee Lewis (Great balls of fire)...it's in black and white. I've always thought that I was borned not in the good decade!


      anvilips2000 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      This has always been one of my all time favourite early English rock
      bands. Mick Tucker is an unbelievable drummer, and has had a major
      influence on Robb. The style of drumming is very simular to Ian Paice
      from Deep Purple and in actual fact Mick would purposly try to out do
      Ian. About 12 to 15 years ago The Sweet came to play a club in
      Toronto called Rock n Roll Heaven. Robb and I talked to Mick for
      about ten of fifteen minutes. Some of that conversation was about his
      competetivness with Ian Paice in the late 70's. By the time we got to
      see them in the late 80's Brian Connely(Vocals) was already dead and
      they had a bassist who did all the vocals. The guitarist Andy Scott
      was amazing then and I'm sure now. He's a player much like Blackmore,
      maybe even a bit heavier at times. If you are framilar with this band
      you would realize the influences on the entire metal genre. Even
      Motley Crue tried to sound like them , they used intro's and
      sometimes the feels and drum paterns of various Sweet songs. Anvil's
      song Don't ask Me, the end of Bushpig, and Park that Truck. Motley's
      Kick Start your Heart is almost the same as Hell Raiser by the Sweet.
      There are probably hundreds of examples of Sweet influenced riffs and
      drum feels in all the bands out there even if they aren't aware of
      it. Good luck trying to find the cd's!!!!

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