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Re: We had the CD!

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  • glabrek
    ... burned copy can t sound exactly the same. **Well, I had a CD-R made of 192 kbps MP3s and I didn t hear any real difference when I compared with my real
    Message 1 of 3 , May 6 9:43 AM
      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "@ T @" <tangelaine2000@y...>
      > The sound is a lot better on the real CD, precise and clear. A
      burned copy can't sound exactly the same.

      **Well, I had a CD-R made of 192 kbps MP3s and I didn't hear any real
      difference when I compared with my "real" Anvil CD. MP3s ripped at
      192 and more sound just as good as real CDs for me...

      I love the cover and the way that this album is presented. It's
      representative of the album's concept. Let's find another title for
      the next album, ha? I'm sure we'll have another album.
      > Is that everybody that can be opened to an album like BTB. I was
      checking the reviews and it's like "some loved the album" or "some
      disliked the album". There's no middle. Anvil went in Germany in the
      90's when they were doing more in Speed Metal. I heard "Plugged in
      Permanent" and now, I can almost understand why they had some
      problems to "accept" an album that is a very good example of what
      Anvil is from. The early 80's: Anvil was sounding and playing like on
      BTB. If Germany didn't listen really to the early Anvil, they has
      concluded that Anvil were a "speed metal band" because of their 90's
      stuff. Which is not true.
      > I checked also all the bands that were under Massacre Records
      label: a big part is about speed, death, trash, whatever metal. The
      question is: when you're signed in Germany, do you have to disguise
      your music because they prefer "trash metal"?

      **There are some great melodic metal bands on Masscare too, like the
      great Pretty Maids band, one of my faves, which should release a new
      album later this year.

      > The fact that a band like The Darkness (it's shit!) is popular in
      North America and in England is a sign that people are seeking
      melodies in rock. If the metal music can't furnish this need, people
      will buy some other stuff. In the Rolling Stones magazine, they
      explained "The Darkness" phenomenon like that. Lack of melodies in
      metal: people returned at the....basics.
      > I just receives the Norton CDs to install on Cat's computer and on
      mine. Beware the Trojan Horses, there's over hundreds different.
      Download something especially for this kind of virus if your
      antiviruse doesn't have this option. http://download.com.com/3000-

      **I can't understand why people use Norton stuff...I know it's
      supposed to be the "best" antivirus software, but everyone I know who
      had this installed on their computer were really frustrated cause
      Norton really slowed down their machine and they soon had it
      removed...AS for me, I'm using the *free* AVG antivirus
      (www.grisoft.com) and it works great, without slowing the machine.
      Whenever I recieve a virus, AVG cleans it and removes it without any
      problems. At work, I have MacAfee, which is also cool. As you see,
      I'm not a Norton lover... :o)

      > Next step, going everywhere where they sell DVD players with
      Anvil's Wacken CD. We're going to try it on each DVD to see if it
      fits. As we're both deaf, it will rock! We can go Saturday, cos we
      get married...We'll go after.
      > Rock on!
      > √Člaine Rochefort DelSignore (it will be my name, jeez!) aka Tange

      Congrats again to Mrs. and Mr. DelSignore!! Have an happy wedding.

      Guillaume (an happy married man since 10 years)
    • tangelaine2000
      Well, I m not an expert concerning burning CDs. Probably the sound was better because the CD played in the car on Cat s Alpine. It s a feeling that I had.
      Message 2 of 3 , May 6 3:25 PM
        Well, I'm not an expert concerning burning CDs. Probably the sound
        was better because the CD played in the car on Cat's Alpine. It's a
        feeling that I had.

        AVG??? That's what I had when I caught the Trojan Horse and let me
        tell you: you don't believe the whole thing until it happens to you!
        Ask Cat, it was scrapping my programs one after the other and all I
        was able to get from AVG was a Window in DOS asking if I wanted
        to "Heal" not...to "delete" or "quarantine". I've always have free
        antivirus software before but not anymore...I asked one of my friends
        that manage the network of a big office and he told me that Norton
        was one of the few that can protect for Trojan horses (a lot of
        different kind). I asked the technician where I went to get my
        computer fixed, and he said the same. I'm on the cable with a router,
        and I get the same speed that ADSL with Sympatico. Between you and
        me, I prefer to go a bit slower...that losing all my datas. That's
        what the virus that I had does.

        Thank you, I hope I'll do 10 years :) I'm nervous but I don't know
        why...It's scary for a young virgin like me, I'm afraid of "the first
        night". Will it hurt, will it bleed???

        Tange :0)
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