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The Castle Heights show (part 1)

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  • captain2man
    OK - sorry for my long silence - but I have 2 very, very good excuses: 1) I am in the middle of booking my band s U.S. tour - which will be 35 shows.
    Message 1 of 1587 , Apr 10, 2001
      OK - sorry for my long silence - but I have 2
      very, very good excuses:<br><br>1) I am in the middle
      of booking my band's U.S. tour - which will be 35
      shows. That's a TON of work & a TON of computer
      time....and by time I'm done, I just want to run away from my
      computer as fast as possible.<br><br>2) For the past 2
      days, my hard drive has been on the fritz, preventing
      my computer from even booting up.<br><br>But - here
      I am - and, Gallo, if you're reading this, an
      e-mail I sent to you got bounced back. The tape of the
      Castle Heights show is in mail.<br><br>OK - so, I show
      up at Castle Heights, which is a relatively small
      bar/club in Jackson Heights, which is in Queens. This area
      of Queens is somewhat shady, and usually difficult
      to find parking in. <br><br>So, after the parking
      spot was secured, I entered the club to catch one of
      the opening bands - Agressor. Not bad....only about 3
      people in the audience for them. They kind of reminded
      me of a lot of those U.S. west coast metal bands of
      the mid-80's - like Agent Steel, Abattoir....maybe
      even a little early Testament influence. They handed
      out free CDs to those who were watching - so that was
      nice.<br><br>After a brief "hello" to Lips while he was setting up -
      the mighty force that is Anvil took the
      stage.<br><br>Once again - New York heavy-metal fans completely miss
      the boat, and the club has maybe 10 paying audience
      members in it. I'm pretty sure I was the only one
      familiar with Anvil's music.<br><br>Nevertheless, this was
      no discouragement to Anvil, as they absolutely
      rocked & performed at a very high level - as they always
      do.<br><br>3 songs were played from the new record - the title
      track, "Computer Drone", and "Real Metal".
      Coincidentally, I will say that these are probably my favorite 3
      songs on the new album, and live - they really are
      quite crushing. At some point - I will post my review
      of the new record, but, for now, after several
      listenings, I will definitely agree with Lips' opinion of
      what the best song on the record is - I will give that
      award to "Computer Drone". Prior to the song, Lips gave
      a nice plug to the Academy of Anvil, and talked a
      little bit about it. Thanks Lips!!! (I want a thank you
      on the next record!! Just
      kidding..........)<br><br>Also from recent records, Anvil blazed through "Speed
      of Sound" (blistering!), "Old School" (it would be
      nice to hear some other songs off of AnA once in
      awhile - G5 mentioned "Green Jesus" being a favorite),
      and "Smoking Green".<br><br>From the original line-up
      era, they played "Paper General" (and, Lips, don't get
      me started with yelling out songs I want to hear
      from Strength of Steel....I was tempted to yell out
      "Wild Eyes"), "Forged in Fire" (and, yeah, G5 did hit a
      bad note to start the song out - but that's OK - even
      performers at the most professional of levels mess up
      sometimes), "Winged Assassins", "March of the Crabs" (with
      drum solo), and, the closer....the classic...."Metal
      on Metal".
    • √Člaine
      ... ____________________________________________________________________ This is one of the first message that LIPS wrote to this board...Can I return the
      Message 1587 of 1587 , Jan 23, 2003
        --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, anvilips2000 wrote:

        > Where is everyone tonight?


        This is one of the first message that LIPS wrote to this board...Can
        I return the question? Where are you LIPS? It's not because we want
        you to answer to all little crazy messages we write, it's because in
        my case: I worry.

        Did he break his leg, his arm (No!!)? I don't even want to know about
        what you do or think.....Just want to know that you're fine, if you
        are okay and if Anvil still exist.

        I've never heard about The Foundation's gig...I imagine all kind of
        bad thing. Does he have a pneumonia? (secondary smoke yunno, hmmmm...)
        A cold maybe? We all know that you work hard, but Dan wrote a message
        to remind you some festivals...Why don't you react? Are you bored of
        your own fanclub, man?

        I would like to have your opinion on this Def Leppard's commercial
        song...Do you hear the "Back in Black" riff and the "Rock of ages"
        melody? "Am I going insane"?

        Also, I would appreciate IF you could take a look at
        www.anvil.here.ws and that you tell me if you find the colors
        too "feminin". And, if it is....suggest me some ideas, it's easy to
        change that.

        You know that I'm really worry about you, dood? A truck accident? I
        don't know cos you don't give any news...You were all friendly
        posting here, and then you stopped suddenly. Did we offend you or
        something like that?

        tange :(
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