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BTB review

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  • tangelaine2000
    I won t take it song by song, but I m going to give my general point of view about BTB. The recording and the quality of sound is 3 or 4 times better that the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2004
      I won't take it song by song, but I'm going to give my general point
      of view about BTB. The recording and the quality of sound is 3 or 4
      times better that the previous album. The songs are
      more "complicated" technically, but are so well recorded. It's a
      feeling about Hard Rock and Heavy Metal that we have when we listen
      to the album, the guitars and the drums take some sounds of it. For
      the guitar's lover, this album is an album to get for sure. Robb
      takes some unusual beats that shows again that he can drums on
      anything and it sounds great! The ballads are not bad at all, Lips
      sings pretty good on the ballads. I've been amazed by the guitars,
      the way that they're arranged or played. I see this album partially
      metal and mostly Hard rock. And I love the Hard Rock part, because it
      brings back a music that disappears almost. We can hear some hard
      rock on FM radio stations in the "Classics", but it's so good to
      listen to some new one like on Back to Basics…There's metal songs and
      they're good, but my preference goes to songs like "Bottom
      Feeder", "Can't catch me", "You get what you pay for…" "Song of pain"
      really reminds me "Metal on Metal" melodies. Style "Scenery + tag
      team baby", it seems that the song has been composed in the same time…
      that they were in the same mood. The whole album gives a very nice
      feeling to not skip a song…The ballads are well set on the playlist.
      Very very interesting.

      Most of the melodies are excellent. Some will give you some feedback.
      If you like the feedback it's good for you…Personally, my favorite
      guitarist was Page after it was Lips. Now that Page sleeps, Lips is
      my number 1!! I will always prefer to hear what he may compose (to
      create is the reason to be for an artist) as a melody, instead what
      he may add to a known old song to make it sound better. Anyway, the
      rest of the album is extremely pleasant to listen to.
      As a fan, when I buy ANVIL I'm waiting for songs that will sound like
      Anvil, not another band. I'm talking about "The Chainsaw". This is my
      frank and honest opinion.

      This album will be high rated, higher that SGS. It's fresh, different
      and it will be released just before the summer. The songs would fit
      perfectly with the summer time.

      Tange :)
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