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Wo! It wasn't me writing about The Darkness...

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    Oooohh! Yahoo s sign in is all mixed up! :) The ??what?? Catdeli? The Darkness...HORRIBLE! I m not even able to watch their video on TV. I m afraid that the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2004
      Oooohh! "Yahoo's sign in" is all mixed up! :)

      The ??what?? Catdeli? The Darkness...HORRIBLE! I'm not even able to watch their video on TV. I'm afraid that the singer bites me through the screen!

      It's good to have some influences, but not at a point to wear clothes exactly like Queen in the 70's. Come on Catdeli! This singer imitates Freddy Mercury with his "voice's harmonies" and I think that a band got to be original, unique to be able to stay. It is a 2004 version of Queen and I'm sure this band was a Queen's cover band before. No interest for me.

      Show me a new band where the guitarist plays his guitar like a violin and makes funny sounds (J.Page), a curly singer playing flute on a rock melody (I. Anderson) or a curly guitarist using a VIBRATOR on his guitar to obtains crazy sounds....there's nothing new under the sun. To copy some "past" ways is so ordinary.

      The Black Crowes copied Humble Pie, Kingdom Come copied Led Zeppelin and now...Where are they? I prefer to encourage your band, because you SURELY don't copy anybody!! You're a musician, tell me how you can listen to The Darkness?

      Please, don't suggest to Anvil to wear a robe like Black Sabbath (Sabotage) in a video, because they have been influenced by them, ha? "Hit single"...Maybe when I will hear the BTB album, I will find something that can sound like a "radio hit". I have to wait.

      The Dark Tange



      Lèche-vitrine ou lèche-écran ? Yahoo! Magasinage.

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