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Re: I"m Still Watching the board!!!

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  • tangelaine2000
    To me AnViL sounds like AnViL, has always sounded like AnViL and will always sound like AnViL. Go thru the years and pick any album from any time - it s AnViL.
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 15, 2004
      To me AnViL sounds like AnViL, has always sounded like AnViL and will
      always sound like AnViL. Go thru the years and pick any album from
      any time - it's AnViL. When SOS came out, I remember playing it a lot
      and saying, "Yup, more great AnViL stuff!". In fact, I'm playing it
      now and it still gets my head a-bangin' as they all do. So, subtle
      changes in style are not going to alter the basic AnVil sound. It's
      who they are and it's how they play so I never understood fans saying
      that they didn't care for such and such an AnViL album as much as the
      others because they are all still AnViL Metal to me. My point being
      I'm not worried that BTB will be a big, radical departure from the
      AnViL style and sound and if it is, so what? The band are artists as
      opposed to commercial "it's a job" songwriters and their art will be
      as it will be at this moment. Pure and from the gut,,,not contrived
      and designed to sell to the teenybop masses.

    • tangelaine2000
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      Message 2 of 4 , Feb 15, 2004
        --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, anvilips2000 <no_reply@y...>
        > It's been so quiet lately, even I'm posting something, happy
        > valentines day to those Anvil fans that might be lucky enough to
        > someone to share it with.
        > The new cd is coming soon, I've burned a few copies to give to
        > some of our closest friends, everyone except for Mad Dog Colin
        > loves it. I think I gave a bad copy to him but because of his own
        > poor atitude I won't give him another copy. He won't believe that
        > can get a bad burn,lol, When we first came home from the studio
        > Still Going Strong we only had 1 master copy , so Robb went over to
        > our friends place who is the guy I bought my computer from! and he
        > burned me a bad copy. I went wacko, I thought for sure the master
        > recording was no good. The next day we re burned it and of course
        > was fine. When I did Colins copy it was before I realized you
        > use as slow a speed as possible to get a good reproduction, I used
        > the fastest that the computer would go, and at the end of the burn
        > said on my screen over run avoided 16X. I've since found out that's
        > not a good sign, so when I do a slow burn that message doesn't
        > at all. For some of you this is real Mickey Mouse but for me it's
        > still all quite new. If you've never heard a bad copy, it sounds
        > thin not much bass and the trebles sound slightly distorted, it
        > be obvious to me know but if you were computer illiterate like I
        > and Mad Dog still is you'd think the band has lost thier minds in
        > thinking it's ok. In actuality the new cd is one of the clearest
        > most powerful we've ever done. The songs are extremely varried in
        > style, key, and tempo. The title of the cd really is exact in
        > describing what it sounds like. It will give you a nostalgic
        > as we use only influences from the past. My target was to write a
        > as if it were 1982 again. In doing this you must try to forget all
        > that you've heard since! Don't misunderstand me when I say it will
        > please most of our fans that we sound like the good ol days but I
        > know that some songs will be enjoyed more than others and we will
        > continue to confuse and amaze you at the same time. The same old
        > arguementive stuff, your favourite is not the same as mine or the
        > next guys either! This is the kind of reaction that is very typical
        > of Anvil music, and until we all agree Anvil will probably never be
        > big time success. This has been our strongest point , in the way we
        > can be so many different things, but our weekest at the same time
        > because we really should be sort of one thing that everyone likes,
        > example being ACDC, Motorhead, Slayer. These bands in a general way
        > make songs that all sound simular, and have been repeating
        > for years, and have been very successsful and this is what I mean
        > being unidirectional as opposed to the multifaceted ANVIL. I can't
        > help but to be me like it or not, and I don't appologize for it,
        > proud of it, and I don't care about being a success like those of
        > unidirectional type. To make it on my terms is the only way to
        > a star for me because I absolutely refuse to conform and become a
        > song band. Having said that, I think I've writen and recorded over
        > 120 songs at this point and STILL NO HIT SINGLE

        NO hit single? Who knows, these days with bands that actually rock -
        The Darkness for example - making a bit of headway on radio and MTV,
        I think it may just be possible for you guys to have one, no? Will
        there be a track pressed as a CD single and sent to radio? They
        should because you never know what will catch the programmer's ears.
        My little indie band had a bit of a "hit single" this past summer. We
        sent some songs to radio and one popular station began to play our
        song, "Wooden Legs & Real Feet". Great! Maybe we will sell some CDs,
        Right? NOPE, because the studio where we recorded our album went
        belly up, the producer flipped out and went missing. Later we learned
        that he had sold all of his recording gear (along with our songs
        still on his hard drive!) and he is spending his time fishing and
        installing hardwood floors! So now we have no product on the shelves
        and our CD then got picked as #8 release of 2003 in a NY arts
        newspaper and we still have NO CDs to sell. The problems of making
        music are universal, it seems, from small-time bands to more
        professional acts like AnViL.
        I have seen that the many rock and metal websites and magazines are
        all primed for this BTB release more than usual. Awareness of AnViL
        is higher now and I feel that something good will happen with this
        next CD. Bring it on!

        Catdeli again
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