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    Lips was in a rush to post, because he is a happy man! He hates to SIGN IN when he rushes to communicate something. He has posted a very important message
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2004
      Lips was in a rush to post, because he is a happy man! He hates to "SIGN IN" when he rushes to "communicate" something. He has posted a very important message on the Addicts, but Yahoo is a lot more read. Please, don't start any false rumour about that I taught Lips some "body language" in Quebec in his early years....I was too young!! lol :0) The few little French that he knows is : "Téton". I heard it on stage!


      Feb 4, 04 - 8:09 PM Anvil News

      Dear Canadians especially Quebec, you will be pleased to know that Anvil's new cd Back to Basics will be released on Galy Records in early May possibly late April. Galy Records is based in the Montreal area, meaning there will be special attention given to this release in your part of Canada. This is an important if not the most important part of Canada for the genre of Heavy music, always was and always will be. I have been on a relentless journey back to my roots, and a great part of that is playing in Quebec. It holds my finest memories, and if not for those early years I wouldn't be as good a performer I am today. Because I speak so little French , I had to learn ways of comunication other than language. It taught me the most important aspect of live performance , how to comunicate with my eyes and , facial expression, body language and everything put together makes for a great thing to watch.I would think that we will appear in Quebec in around the time of the release. I will be
      arranging it very soon, and I'll let you know the progress as it happens.
      To our fans in the USA, expect the new cd to come out in around the same time but it will be on Screaming Ferret Wreckords. We’re not too certain if or when we will play in the US but you never know , stranger things have happened.

      Lèche-vitrine ou lèche-écran ? Yahoo! Magasinage.

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