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Re: [Academy of Anvil] interview - I HATE hockey...

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    If I tell you all that I hate hockey, you would say: It s normal, she s a woman . But if I elaborate and tell you why I hate hockey, you won t think the same
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 28, 2003
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      If I tell you all that I hate hockey, you would say: "It's normal, she's a woman". But if I elaborate and tell you why I hate hockey, you won't think the same at all. I'm from a hockey players family, and unhappily my nephew is in the Junior league and is a hope for NHL. It's a tradition... I have 2 sisters and I'm in the middle.

      My father wanted a "boy" as a second child, and decided as I was very young that I would play hockey anyway...I had short hair until 8 years old and my skates were some boy's skates with a white shoe's stuff on it. I skated like a boy and my nickname at school was "Tom boy". There were no "girl's teams" in 1969. I liked the sport, but I didn't like to be a part of the other kids.

      Every damn party that we had during the holidays, the men were yelling (swearing) if a hockey game was on TV. My Uncles became monsters just because of a puck...When the holidays were finished, I was so shy to return to school because in January & February the weekly sport was to skate outside on Friday afternoon. I've been insulted in a cruel language and I cried often, but it was so cold that my tears stayed icy on my cheeks. They were fuckin lucky that I didn't have my PMS at this time! Hey.....

      But when I say that I hate hockey, believe me....I really hate it. But now, you all know that it's not only because I'm a woman.

      At 10, I was longhaired and at 11 years old, I was going out with a musician. I LOVE music! It's a chance that it exists. Each song can remind me a part of my life, a melody can make me travel in time. It must be great to play music...instead playin hockey! I prefer thinking about what I like instead what I hate.


      catdeli <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Thanks for the interpretations, Tony. The meanings of these answers
      at first went right over my head. They did appear to be bored,
      sarcastic answers. And I speak English as my first language. Imagine
      some Italian(or French?) speaking people reading it! They will maybe
      think that Lips was depressed. It's tuff to only be able to read
      words on a page because the true meaning is easily lost without the
      necessary vocal inflections and seeing the looks on the face of the
      speaker. The one sentence answers made it look like Lips was bored to
      answer, as Tange noted. Taken as a whole though, the interview has a
      flow to it and the answers are not really too bad. They just need a
      little bit of elaboration by Lips to avoid these misunderstandings by
      readers. And also perhaps some answers were edited down by the
      publisher. We don't know if this happened either.

      cAtdeli(who LOVES hockey!)

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