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HMV and CD prices

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  • glabrek
    ... an ... going ... They ... Hey, I m interested in the Glenn Hughes stories...The guy is a legend in the rock/hard rock style and he s interesting to read
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 4, 2003
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      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "Elaine" <tangelaine2000@y...>
      > There's no deal and it's just too bad. Henderson takes care of a
      > magazine "Bw&Bk" and if I'm not wrong this magazine belongs to the
      > owner of all CD's stores HMV (biggest in Canada). I've never found
      > Anvil's album in one of those stores. Maybe HnH, MoM, and FiF when
      > Attic has been sold. However, "MUSIC WORLD" sells 24.99 "Still
      > Strong" with a sticker on it: IMPORT. We all know that Anvil makes
      > business with Massacre. Which kid will buy a CD at this price + the
      > taxes?
      > If Henderson would stop to publish his stupid stuff about Sharon
      > Ozbourne and Glen Hugues (they are not Canadians) and would plan an
      > article for Anvil it would help them in many ways. They show "RuSh"
      > on the cover cos it sells well! Probably that with a North American
      > label, the CD wouldn't be an "IMPORT" that costs 24.99 + taxes.
      > would probably get many gigs and...then, maybe they would find the
      > time to go on some South American beaches. It's a weel that
      > turns...unhappily.
      > nite!

      Hey, I'm interested in the Glenn Hughes stories...The guy is a legend
      in the rock/hard rock style and he's interesting to read about IMO.
      I agree that BW&BK should talk more about Anvil, but if they only
      relied on Canadian metal bands, the mag would be dead for long...How
      many good real Canadian metal bands are remaining? Anvil, Hanker,

      BTW, I'd also like Anvil to get a Canadian record deal, but let it be
      known that for me HMV are thieves that sell most of the metal CDs,
      even the domestic copies, at about $24 or $25 CAN (+ taxes). Sure,
      when a CD is just being released, they sell it about $17 or $18, but
      as soon as it gets a bit older, the "normal" price of $23 or $24 or
      $25 appear...That's why I buy all my stuff from online mail-order
      stores like Then End Records, who sell around $12 to $14 US, with
      only $1 for shipping, making me pay my brand new CDs for about $17 to
      $20 CAN, all inclueded. I also buy some on Ebay, at great prices
      most of the times.

    • Elaine
      It s not because I don t like what Glen Hugues does now musically that BW is going to change their ways. The Rolling Stone Magazine is not interesting
      Message 2 of 9 , Dec 4, 2003
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        It's not because I don't like what Glen Hugues does now musically
        that BW is going to change their ways. The "Rolling Stone Magazine"
        is not interesting anymore, the half of it is full of adds and is
        about Christina "Laguedouna" or "M&N". We don't have a big choice
        with the rock magazines like before. The ones that stayed got the

        Record Stores: they're thiefs and you're unhappily right. The
        recording companies cry about the CD's copies and the mp3's traffic
        on the net. The last Anvil's album that I bought was Past and Present
        (vinyl): I paid what? $13.99..."Worth the Weight" (CD): I paid
        $22.99. The CD changed the sound of all the recordings. The needle on
        a turn table (sorry if it's not the right word -- I don't know it)
        doesn't read the music like a laser on a metallic disc. The sound is
        clearer and the bass doesn't increase the songs like on a vinyl...A
        CD compared to a vinyl can actually hold more information so they say
        it sounds fuller and more natural. In fact, they sell us crap for at
        a bigger price.

        It helped me to understand why in 1983 "Forged in Fire" has not been
        well quoted by the reviewers. The LP was recorded to sound like a CD,
        and people wasn't used to it at this period. Now, weirdly FiF is the
        album that everyone associates to Anvil . Probably because the sound
        is more familiar now. How much cost a LP now when you order
        one...Tony? I guess it's expensive too. They thought about
        collectors...hey! It makes me feel old when I remember that I bought
        Black Sabbath "Sabbath bloody Sabbath" for $7.99, it sounds like when
        my mother tells me that she bought butter for 50 cents.
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