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Who is V

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  • Elaine
    I found that and I ve never heard about them...And Catdeli? How s that they have a song called Urinal cake !!!
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2003
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      I found that and I've never heard about them...And Catdeli? How's
      that they have a song called "Urinal cake"!!!

      2. Where did the name Vyndykator originate from ?

      BM: The name was inspired by the situation which led to the formation
      of the band. King Fowley came up with it actually and considering
      what had happened, the name just clicked, in a matter of speaking.

      SR: That, and "Urinal Cake", our first choice, had already been taken!

      3. Which musicians/bands are your greatest influence?

      BM: My influences, from a Metal perspective, I would have to say Ian
      Gillan, Udo and Ronnie James Dio. My favorite bands are Saxon, Anvil,
      Exciter, Judas Priest and Raven. Non Metal influences, hands down the
      King of Cool Dean Martin. As a child growing up, he was and still is
      my idol. He had the Metal attitude before it was made into a fashion
      sense, know what I mean? My favorite non-Metal bands are The Beatles,
      Cheap Trick and The Who.

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