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heres awsome online record store for everyone to try/:)

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  • Lori
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2003
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      www.gemm.com <-------another place to find out print cds videos
      45s and 33 records cassettes and cassette singles etc
      i hope helps eliane least i can do for way i acted :)
      they have 79 anvil albums to choose from

      sorry everyone i haven't feeling to good these days
      last year i was diagnostic with a diease
      i just wish go away its making me miserable
      i have a close up throat i barely eat any food
      mostly mash potatoes which im sick of eating it
      can guys recommend any soft food i can try
      im open try anything so i have some variety
      i lost 34 pounds to my diease i used to be 150 i went down 126
      in no time at all i only have eat once a day im not hungry
      for 3 meals a day
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