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Re: [Academy of Anvil] :)

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  • J.Crackcorn
    She s 27, Lori? Go at www.anvilmetal.tk and at the bottom of the page, you can see See my homepage . Just before, there s Tony s email. Tell your friend to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2003
      She's 27, Lori? Go at www.anvilmetal.tk and at the bottom of the page, you
      can see "See my homepage". Just before, there's Tony's email. Tell your
      friend to send him a pic :) ...a pic taken during a very hot day. I guess
      it's hot in Phoenix, it's not like Canada. The distance doesn't really
      matter, ha Tony? Is she one of the girls that make the artworks with you??
      You better warn your friend that Tony is a horny guy...We both belong to the
      same support group "OA" (Oversexed Anonymous). Bye Lori

      >That's just my guess.

      Is Chainsaw an instromental? You probably meant that you heard the song
      without the lyrics..? Look how we are: ignored by our mentor LIPS, swimming
      in ignorance without knowing what's going on with "Back to basics". Cruel
      life!! Isn't it? I really wonder what I'm going to email to the Metal
      websites about this "Back to Basics", because if I order at Massacre records
      I will receive my CD 2 months after the release of it. Search me!


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      > i learn alot about anvil in here really cool
      > tony i used have a boyfriend 8 years ago look just like you
      > back 1995 i thought tell u my friend shonda got crush on you
      > shes 27 :)
      > Lori
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