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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Comments 'n Questions

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    It s a good one! I don t have any excuse, my grandma was German! The FYM... means absolutely nothing. I just want you to post, come on! I heard somewhere that
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 5, 2003
      It's a good one! I don't have any excuse, my grandma was German! The FYM... means absolutely nothing. I just want you to post, come on! I heard somewhere that "women" were curious...(???)

      Well, we don't have anything about this next "Back to Basics" ( I don't know if there's a "S" to "basic" and I don't mind!). Tony and Dan heard some songs at Eto....ke, but you didn't write about it. What was different? What was so "basic"? Did they play the songs after Dan "ripped" the paper, ha? Here's why you don't remember!

      I was checking The Metal Observer's reviews last night. Web reviews are so sick...A reviewer did a review about "Forged in Fire" (you don't have it Tony: http://www.metal-observer.com/gb/reviews/rev3418.html)...a 9/10.

      "Anvil - Forged In Fire (9/10) - Canada - 1983/1998 Genre: Thrash Metal

      Label: Axe Killer <http://home.nordnet.fr/~lbocquet/axekiller.html>
      Playing time: 38:45
      Band-Homepage: Anvil <http://www.anvilmetal.tk>


      Forged In Fire

      Shadow Zone

      Free As The Wind

      Never Deceive Me

      Butter-Bust Jerky

      Future Wars

      Hard Times - Fast Ladies

      Make It Up To You


      Winged Assassins

      ANVIL. Every 80s Heavy Metal maniac will melt with the mentioning of that name alone. And only two albums are responsible for this, "Metal On Metal" and "Forged In Fire". Especially the latter album of the Canadian warriors is the paragon of fast, rough and primordial "H.E.A.V.Y. M.E.T.A.L."!

      While today everybody exalts the debut albums of METALLICA and SLAYER (deservedly), only few die hard fans still remember the combos that brought the Speed Metal wave into motion. And "Forged In Fire" has not only been a small part of this. Fantastic meat stompers like the inimitable "Shadow Zone", the sex hymn "Butter-Bust Jerky", as well as the two mega classics "Motormount" and "Winged Assassins" are proof for that.

      But it is not only pure speed that reigns on the album. With the title track the maple quartet presents us with a viscous, heavy hammer blow, which most probably any Doom band would wish to write even only once in their life. And the rest of the songs also is more than worth listening to. The guitar style of fronter Lips can be heard out of thousands of other bands, what also is not what you find every day.

      Being more variable and catchier than their colleagues like EXCITER, "Forged In Fire" is a highlight in every Power/Speed Metal collection. (Online September 24, 2003)





      Then, a FYMSFCTS called "Alex" made the "Plenty of Power" one...(the link is broken on your page sweety: here's the new one http://www.metal-observer.com/gb/reviews/rev562.html ). He starts his review writing the very intelligent remark: "I don't like Anvil". How am I supposed to take seriously the writings of a guy who doesn't like the band that he's writing about? Ask me a review about Quiet Riot just to see! It's so weird, more than my way to spell and write English. Who can be objective and considered as a reviewer, writings some idioties mongoles et irr�fl�chies? (if the bad spelling is not admitted here, I'll write in my language when I'm not sure...) Not only ATTIC is responsible of Anvil's bad lucks...des ti-culs comme Alex reflects badly their image. The young headbangers surf and they read on Internet that kind of "thing" ignoring what is true, what is not.

      I don't know what to listen to right now, about metal music. The metal scene changed so much. Before, a band like IRON MAIDEN was keeping a newer metal band with them to open during all the tour. It was helping a lot! Now, they have to keep DIO and MOTORHEAD if they want to full a place, to get some good critics in the papers: to sell records! The newest metal bands got to follow the "numetal" wave if they want to survive. That's what the Bar's owners want...

      There's maybe a new, incredible metal band (I mean A REAL ONE), but we'll never see them on stage. The big names of the 80's come back, but they don't have enough place for the younger musicians.

      I listened to Southern Rock, at least it moves! I know now where Lemmy took his way to play and...his cowboy boots.

      AA (Adios Amigos)

      Tange ;)

      "Heavymetalhead.com" <heavymetalhead@...> wrote:
      <<<Subject: Shenker: NOT SHENKAR, big head...He's: NOT HES, small ass... Didn't: NOT DIDNT, genius... Return to school instead to laugh at people that spells badly.>>>

      You're all fucked. It's SCHENKER. Get it right!! :P :P

      <<<Look at yourself: are you so perfect??? FYMSF>>>

      Fix My Mother Some Food?
      Flying Yellow Monkeys Soaring Frantically?
      Fuck You Man, Seriously, Forever?

      Sorry Tange, I just couldn't resist!!

      Danvil, just LTFU already, sheesh :P :P. We can't all English speak like good you!!

      Lips, can you answer a question for me (if by change you're reading this and haven't given up): A few months back we all talked about the Metal For Breakfast compilation you played a part in when it was released, did you have any involvement with the followup compilation Metal For Lunch? Just curious, is all. I never woulda thought Attic was such a bunch of unscrupulous bastards.

      Tony, how come no Guestbook on the Anvil homepage? Maybe I blinked and missed it? You should have one ~ it's a great way to keep contact of fans. Email addresses are wonderful things sometimes and you could use them by Inviting them to join here.

      The artwork looks kick ass for Back To Basics!!!! Anxiously awaiting a new Anvil opus.....

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