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Re: [Academy of Anvil] updates

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  • Elaine R.
    Right now, I don t know what to say except Wow! about this cover. I m very impressed, because I saw a picture of my grandfather (who was the village s
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2003
      Right now, I don't know what to say except "Wow!" about this cover. I'm very impressed, because I saw a picture of my grandfather (who was the village's blacksmith, like his father) and it's dated of the year 1930. If I remember well, it was almost like the cover except my Eddy had never wear a beard. It's too bad that my mother was pregnant with me when he died, 1962. No one has made covers with this concept, except Jethro Tull. The style is completelely different but just looking at it really brings us "back to basics".

      The pics of the last gig are just great, everyone looks in shape. Virginia, Tony and Danvil that grew up so fast! How was the trading guys? Did you make some big deals? And what about LIPS with glasses in his backyard? I guessed it was him on the inside sleeve of "Metal on Metal" (bottom right). He was young on this pic, striped pants and Buddy Holly's glasses. On another one, (center) with money in his hand to buy...whatever. He looks better now. He's brave! I don't allow pictures if I wear MY glasses! Tony wear glasses too... Yup, I saw him on his website's pic at work :0) !! We all wear glasses, damn! Catdeli too! Slug is in the club also... So what? When we'll wear pampers, then we'll stop the Academy...ha?

      About the Top Hundred, Rolling Stone Magazine just made me indignant at the whole process.
      Excuse me, I got my guitar lessons in 10 minutes.

      Tange @-@

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