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Great pics....Jeez!

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  • Elaine
    Lips and his blender wow!!! He didn t change at all, he s still crazy on stage! He doesn t use the vibrator anymore....for his guitar, I mean! The pic is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2003
      Lips and "his blender" wow!!! He didn't change at all, he's still
      crazy on stage! He doesn't use the vibrator anymore....for his
      guitar, I mean! The pic is funny with the first line up, only Robb
      looks like "Robb". LIPS looks like Cat Stevens?? Raƫl?? A beard
      really changes a look. But I got to say that Anvil is maybe the only
      band where the musicians were really nice to look at. I know you
      can't comment guys, but if I forget Marino: G5, Ivan, Lips, Robb, Ian
      and Dave have a really cute face. Forged in Fire's cover shows the
      first line up, and I must say that Anvil looked like 4 angels on

      Take Slayer, the singer got ugly with the years (He was so cute!).
      Metal Church; I saw them in 1984 at Maurice Richard's Arena (Montreal
      Metal Festival: Celtic Frost, Megadeth, Mercyful fate...etc.) and the
      singer was strangely enormeous, with blond hair!!! I had to close my
      eyes to enjoy the song "Metal Church". Mustaine looked like a girl
      with a perm that needs a refresh.

      I saw Metallica in 84 too...Hetfield had a very red face, cos he had
      a severe acnea as a teen and many dermatologic scrubs. He had a side
      of his face like some gross beef. I told you I was stucked on
      details!! Not a joke!..Kirk was so thin, I didn't know if he would be
      able to hold his guitar @_@. It doesn't mean that I don't respect
      them, I just give my opinion. If some girls didn't like Anvil for the
      music, I'm sure they look at the show just to check them.

      All that to say that Canadians are good lookin @_~

      Tange :0)
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