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Re: [Academy of Anvil] Them and metallica

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    It s hard for those who saw them in the 80 s, when they were fab ....to admitt that they are not creative anymore. I ve never been a Slayer fan, cos I ve
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2003
      It's hard for those who saw them in the 80's, when "they were fab"....to admitt that they are not creative anymore. I've never been a Slayer fan, cos I've always been searching for a meloldies in the songs of a band. I have also a big fault, I notice every little details...and if one of a details doesn't please me, all the band's stuff is banned from me. Slayer, it was the guitarist's bracelet with long spikes. I've always found that ridiculous. For some metal heads at the time, the fact that Lips was using a vibrator on his guitar caused the same effect on them. A detail....and they maybe didn't like them.

      As customers or music listeners, I think we all got the right to like or dislike. For Metallica, nobody is going to make me believe that "Ride the lightning" isn't good. For me, it's maybe the best of what they could give that we find on this album. We never know the reasons that make that a band begins to "suck"... My opinion is that the band doesn't have a good "chemy" together. When some musicians doesn't fit together anymore, it creates a lot of frustrations and the albums or the shows seem to "suck".

      We can keep some respect anyway for what they did in the past. Nobody is perfect.....they are human.

      Tange :)

      xcygnusxyyzx <xcygnusxyyzx@...> wrote:
      those are the only two thrash bands I can think of right
      now that suck total ass. hahahahahah

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