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Re: FOR TANGE [Academy of Anvil] Re: As I was leaving!!!

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    I knew it...QUIET RIOT!!! Metaaaaaaaal Heaaaaaaaalth!...erk! I couldn t stand his voice ( Saxon was on it..??) I blocked on Quiet Riot, too bad. Thanks Mark.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 21, 2003
      I knew it...QUIET RIOT!!! "Metaaaaaaaal Heaaaaaaaalth!...erk!" I couldn't stand his voice ( Saxon was on it..??) I blocked on Quiet Riot, too bad. Thanks Mark.

      Their music at the time was very margin. They have never followed the "metal wave". They were doing what they wanted. As the other bands were talking about "Death", "Demons", etc., they wrote about "man/woman relationship". Jackhammer is great (Mothra too) and so many other songs on the following albums...

      Here's a secret: I listen to "Tease me please me" once a day, when I wake up on my Window Media player. The guitar solo, yup...after all those years, these notes still make me crazy: it boosts me to go to work. Maybe it's got a Nugent influence, but Nugent doesn't play like this, NO WAY! To make a solo so "clear" and to lead it so pleasant for the ears...it takes a natural talent.

      I think we have great Canadian musicians, but people read too much the magazines, the reviews and follow what the Radio Stations play. Maybe I'm old, but nobody is going to make me say that a music is good, when I find that it sucks.

      Tange \m/

      "Heavymetalhead.com" <heavymetalhead@...> wrote:
      Hi Tange!!

      <<<Hello .com from Regina!>>>

      You can call me Mark =))

      <<Yess, we all know Jeff...a really good guy. If someone got "Metal for breakfeast", would it be possible to post the songs and the bands that figure on it? I remember that I saw the album in the stores, but I didn't buy it. I guess I didn't cos a band I couldn't stand was on it. Something like Quiet Riot or .... anyway.>>>

      1984 Attic Records
      Catalogue #: CAT-1196

      SIDE ONE:
      ANVIL: "Forged In Fire"
      TED NUGENT: "Cat Scratch Fever"
      KILLER DWARFS: "Heavy Mental Breakdown"
      ACCEPT: "Balls To The Wall"
      MERCYFUL FATE: "Black Funeral"
      BLOTTO: "Metalhead"
      SIDE TWO:
      LEE AARON: "Metal Queen"
      SAXON: "Princess Of The Night"
      JUDAS PRIEST: "The Ripper"
      QUIET RIOT: "Metal Health"
      Y & T: "Mean Streak"
      OZZY OSBOURNE: "Crazy Train"

      (my apologies if this has been posted already, I'm only two weeks behind in reading emails yikes!)

      <<<I was on a forum at metalforum.com and the topic was something like "Do you know any Canadian bands?". Crypto..., Obli....., (When you want to touch a large public, you choose a name that everyone can spell, ha?).>>>

      Hmm, have never heard of that website before!!

      "Cryptopsy" and "Obliveon"? You also forgot "Kataklysm" Tange! ;)

      <<<It is wrong to think about Canadian metal without thinking about ANVIL first. I was there, I saw what happened and I like only the REAL things.>>>

      In my humble opinion is is a capital crime. I cannot think of a truer Canadian heavy metal band that rises above Anvil. Triumph? Not metal enough. Rush? Great band, but too proggy artsy fartsy. Razor? Sure, they were hot on Anvil's coat tails and Sacrifice stood a chance too, but I mean, all you gotta do is listen to a song like Jackhammer and think to yourself, was this really from 1982? Holy devilshit. It just isn't possible. I listen to that song today and my jaw still hits the floor. So many of these trendy piece of shit nu-metal bands could take a REAL lesson in heavy metal just by listening to that song. Do you think any of them could play it? They would be lost. Not a freakin' clue.

      <<<.com, you see that you're not the only one that writes long message, ha?>>>

      Hahahahaha, no whew!! *breaths a sigh of relief* I guess not!!

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