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Re: Hello Guillaume!

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  • glabrek
    --Salut Elaine, ... I had a 24 years old young boy who knew all the songs, banging his head and longhaire just beside me. I was so happy that Anvil was known
    Message 1 of 3 , May 13, 2003
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      --Salut Elaine,

      > I was glad to meet you too Guillaume, but I though you were older!
      I had a 24 years old young boy who knew all the songs, banging his
      head and longhaire just beside me. I was so happy that Anvil was
      known by the youngers.

      --Well, I'm not *that* young (I'm 33)...Been a metalhead since I'm

      I understand your point of view, but let me explain something. Anvil
      (and Catdeli) spent a part of the afternoon to get the stock at the
      second floor. Drums, amplificators, etc. It's very heavy that kind of
      material. This stairs are not very large...I know it cos I fell
      enough in those, when I was younger. I think they had to take the
      stock down in the street after the show, then up in the truck...8 or
      9 hours on the road. Maybe? Now, the moron in that story is the bar
      owner. He has been lucky that I got a bit drunk (I love everybody
      when I'm drunk), because everybody knows my character on this board.
      First, he didn't open the bar's doors before 9 o'clock, he let the
      people under the rain. He didn' t promote at all (Anvil has been
      absent during 18 years from QC city).

      Let me tell you that Anvil played for us Sunday night, not for the
      money. I know it very well. This man had a large budget to make
      publicity and he didn't. Instead, he charged 8$ at the door, + 1$ for
      your wet coat.

      --You're right, it's a shame it had so little advertising...And to
      leave the outdoor light closed until 9PM may have turned a some
      potential fans down thinking the show was cancelled or so...Not a
      very smart move by the owner of the club... I know Anvil are not in
      it for the money, but because they love that music.

      If the doors had been open before, maybe the show would have been
      longer because the band could have started at 10:30. As we began to
      have fun, drinking "a bit", the videos changed...Instead Exodus,
      Razor etc. the VJ decided to pitch us some Def Leppard, Poison
      and .... sorry I don't remember the rest. Just before an Anvil show,
      I expect ot hear good power metal not hair bands!

      --Well, the videos shown didn't bother me (even if I don't care at
      all for Def Lep and Poison)...I prefer to have hair bands I think
      than death/black/extreme metal...Anyway, at most shows I go, the
      music played before, in between the bands and after suck most of the

      It's up to us to tell people: "Next time Anvil will come around,
      don't miss that!!!". We can't count on "CHOI FM", that is paid by the
      Dagobert to announce crap adds about Metallica's cover bands. We
      can't count on "Le Voir" that is more interested to announce adds for
      Gays (Young cuty male looking for a tough hairy guy) than writing
      about an Anvil show, a band from our own country that kicks ass since
      over 20 years! It's a chance we have Tony's site and the WEB.

      --You're right here. CHOI doesn't care for 80s metal bands, save for
      Maiden and Ozzy. As for the "Voir", they're not even worth
      mentioning...I never read that crap anymore.

      My opinion is that Anvil is the only band that represents Metal
      actually. Rough and melodic: as it's supposed to be. There's only one
      kind of metal for me.....and it's the one that appeared in the 80's.
      Goodnite! Tange

      --The 80s produced quality metal bands, that's for sure ands it's a
      fact. But come one...Saying that Anvil is the ONLY band that
      represents heavy metal actually is not true. There are loads of
      metal bands, young and old, that used to and still play pure fucking
      heavy metal the way it's meant to be played , i the 80s metal
      spirit. Anvil are excellent, but not alone, especially in Europe.

      Some older ones (still very active): DIO, SAXON, SINNER, U.D.O.
      (sounds just like his former band Accept), ANTHEM (from Japan), JAG

      DIRTY DEEDS), HANKER (my fave metal band from Quebec), DREAM EVIL,

      --The list could go on and on (cause I named them just fromthe top of
      my head)...Metal is sadly still very 'underground', but it still
      produces some fine metal bands. With the internet, it's easier to
      find some. Now if only we could get more worthy heavy metal shows
      here in Quebec, Canada, that would be great...

      --Take care.

    • catdeli
      Yes, yes, let me also add how great it was to join with the Quebec Metal Horde this weekend at the AnViL concert in Quebec City! The Academy was well
      Message 2 of 3 , May 13, 2003
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        Yes, yes, let me also add how great it was to join with the Quebec
        Metal Horde this weekend at the AnViL concert in Quebec City! The
        Academy was well represented on this night. I had a blast meeting you
        all, chatting about favorite bands and hoisting some ales in honour
        of AnViL. I got into town on Saturday and found out that the club was
        only a few blocks away from my hotel-excellent! Sunday was warm(?)
        and sunny and everybody was out in the streets; a festival, for sure!
        As I strolled along, I passed the club and saw Lips and G5 outside
        waiting for the others to arrive with the gear. Ivan was driving and
        had Robb as navigator, so they zipped into a "Police Only" parking
        spot! Now we all hurried to unload the gear before the constables
        arrived. I was doing ok, the drums were not heavy but then I got
        ahold of one of Lips' guitar amps...BIG mistake! The heaviest amp I
        have ever moved~~I almost had a stroke climbing the long flight of
        stairs to the bar.
        We all witnessed another superb show from the guys, of course.
        They make the hardest stuff look so easy. Excuse me while I pitch my
        drumsticks across the room. After seeing Mr. Reiner in action again,
        I surrender! This was an enthusiastic bunch there to see them, long-
        time fans mixing with the new arrivals, seeing the band in top form
        on this night! All gathered around to get stuff signed and a lot of
        pics were taken. A big family? Sure! A return to QC in the future? A
        Quebec MetalFest this Summer? Let's all keep our fingers crossed for
        that to happen.
        Guillaume(not a Tesla fan? Come on! ;D), Tange(you rocked-nice
        posters!), Guy(photographer par excellence!) and Tom(speaking English
        for me-thanks!) very nice to meet you all and let's do it again soon!
        Now I'm off to get my photos developed, no digital cam for me yet.
        I will post them tomorrow!

        Salut AnViL!
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