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  • catdeli
    ... the ... CD ... I went down to my cave of LP s and pulled out the LEGEND album that I bought in 1983, It is titled Death In The Nursery . Not a lot of info
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2003
      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, wipy1999 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Any Legend fans out there?? They were a Metal Hard Rock band from
      > 70,s and 80s out of Florida I think??' Hey Lips are you a Pentagram
      > fan?? Yeh Pentagram from the US?? Oh also when will the Next Anvil
      > come out??' 2003 or 2004???''

      I went down to my cave of LP's and pulled out the LEGEND album that
      I bought in 1983, It is titled "Death In The Nursery". Not a lot of
      info on here but they were a 4-piece and appear to have been from
      Jersey in the Channel Isles. That is part of Great Britain, no? My
      turntable is scrapped but I remember them as being heavy but a bit
      progressive, maybe? Some song titles on this one are: Warrior, Time
      Bomb, Why Don't You Kill Me?, Anthrax Attack and Prisoner.
      Tange gets the "Dedication To The Cause" Award for her tireless
      efforts on behalf of AnViL for the upcoming QC concert. Way to go,
      T !!
      GENTLE GIANT was not Metal, obviosly. I really liked their "Power
      And The Glory" LP, all about how rotten and scummy politicians are.
      They defined the word "progressive" with their crazy arrangements,
      almost operatic vocals in all kinds of intricate harmonies and
      influenced playing. Musicians of the highest order, even if you puke
      when you hear it, you must give them their due as players and
      arrangers, IMHO. Triumvirat and Kansas-heavily influenced by ELP.
      Flash and Starcastle had heavy YES influences. I got into a lot of
      prog stuff back then that was not really "heavy" at all but they
      would suddenly stun you with slashing, brittle, cold sounding guitar
      riffage in parts of their songs. I was really attracted to that
      style, bands like Strawbs, Steeleye Span, Nektar, Be Bop Deluxe and
      of course King Crimson!

    • @ T @
      There s a couple of Anvil s songs where I can find a prog mood. March of the Crabs is the first, by the changes of the melodies and the guitar solos.
      Message 2 of 3 , May 1, 2003
        There's a couple of Anvil's songs where I can find a "prog" mood. "March of the Crabs" is the first, by the changes of the melodies and the guitar solos. "Winged Assasins" by the sounds, the concept, the echo in the voice. This song makes me the same effect that "Watcher of the skies" from early Genesis. I mean by that, that listening to the melodies: I know the action is in the air not on earth (No lyrics, I need to read them to understand an English song). How? Souds effect, melody and good recording (We all know about "Forged in Fire" recording"s conditions, but "Winged Assasins" is excellent +, well recorded and a classic for me). Metallica in their early years (Cos, there was a time when they were great..."Ride the lightning") introduced some prog also in their melodies. "From whom the bells tolls" is not like "Escape" (Escape is power metal). I don't think Lips or Robb listened to progressive music, but it must be in a musician's soul to create something unusual, something that makes effect. That's why I liked "The Creep"...or "Concrete Jungle". It is unusual. Anvil is an unusual band, anyway :) ** I'm warning LIPS here. If you want to go to do some shopping at Place Laurier on Saturday 9, it changed a lot since 1984! Now, you have 2 shopping centers (enormous) beside and they are almost linked. Stay all together and get a map! tange :)

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